Hello world!

We FINALLY have our own letterpress! No more renting press time, schlepping around carrying plates, paper and ink. We can work from the home office. Hopefully, this means we can create more great stationery since we’re saving so much time not having to travel to the studio. Getting this press was not easy. We got him from a man whose father-in-law used it to make Christmas cards. After some delays in receiving it and trouble with FedEx (no surprise there) its finally here! It is super heavy and cumbersome to move so, after struggling to get it to the final office spot we have two husbands and one dad who are not all that interested in hearing about letterpress. Well, at least for a little while.  Check out the pictures of the new press. We’ll be working to clean him up over the next few days so expect some updated photos soon!

Our C&P old-style pilot press, which is 123 years old.


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