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Morning Stroll

A couple mornings ago, I took a walk with my lovely assistant, Pascal the French Bulldog. The trees were starting to sprout buds, the flowers to bloom, the birds to sing and the cats to scream, hiss and screech in the backyard as they commence their spring mating rituals. Truly, magic is in the air.

Although I have lived in Brooklyn for a number of years now, I still never tire of looking up at all the beautiful architecture I am fortunate enough to be surrounded by every day. It has always been a constant source of design inspiration. Don’t be surprised if you see some of these motifs popping up in our designs at Pressed.

– Stephanie

The entrance to a grand old apartment building.

Close up of a detail from a brownstone.

Detail from an apartment building entrance.

My beautiful assistant, Pascal the French Bulldog.

Detail of stairway in my hallway.

Detail of wall decoration inside my hallway.


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Low resolution…and it looks good!

I love these shoes! They are called Low Res, by United Nude. This shoe was was created by digitally scanning an object into a 3D computer model and regenerating it into various resolutions. Architect, Rem Koolhaas, is the creative director and it shows, as the shoes certainly do have an architectural and sculptural feel to them.

– Stephanie

The Low Res shoe.

The Frame Lo shoe.

The Haiku shoe, a sort of modern interpretation of a traditional Japanese wood sandal.

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The Blossom Chandelier

For years now, I have been absolutely in love with the Blossom Chandelier by designer Tord Boontje. Of the many fantasies I have, one of them is seeing this gorgeous lighting fixture above my dining room table…although the contrast between it and my banged up old ikea cabinet would be quite shameful. I first saw it not long after I moved to New York and have been lusting over it for the past 9 years. I suppose my husband has taken note of this because he has promised to buy me either this chandelier or a new BMW for my birthday, since they are roughly the same price. That’s right, he will do this after he comes home early from work, riding a unicorn while leading a parade, with full marching band, in my honor. (Sigh) like I said, many fantasies…

– Stephanie

This image is from Elle Decor.

A close-up shot of the Blossom Chandelier.

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Our first job!

So, this week we sent out our first letterpress personal stationery! Below are some pictures of how we packaged it. It was so wonderful to see all of our efforts come together on a beautiful finished project. I suppose we had some fantasies about starting our own business. Dreams of sitting at a computer and drawing all day or spending time with the letterpress, mixing vibrant colors and experimenting with new types of paper. However, after spending hours doing cost comparisons of different types of paper, working with tons of vendors to find packaging and struggling to find rollers and other parts to our ancient machine, it is very exciting to finally see what all the background work led up to.  🙂

Our gift box for personal stationery.

Our gift box and the first cards we pressed.

A shot of how the cards are packaged inside the gift box.

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Typography Rugs – they’re everywhere!

Everyone loves type. Last week’s NY Times Home & Garden section featured a great rug from Commune Design. CB2 has a Letterpress rug on their website. And check out these amazing rugs by John Pour Home. I have one (or two) of these!
– Caroline

Letterpress Rug by Commune Design

Letterpress Rug by CB2

Letterpress Rug by John Pour Home

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Did we inspire Paloma Picasso?

So, it seems that we’re even more ahead of the curve than we originally thought 🙂 Take a look at the letterpress card we designed that is featured on our home page.

Our letterpress hearts card

Now take a look at the gorgeous necklace Paloma Picasso just designed for Tiffany’s.

Paloma's Crown of Hearts medallion

Could it be that our girl Paloma saw our site and loved our pressed heart card?! Okay, probably not but we can dream…

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