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It’s Alive!

Finally, FINALLY we have our letterpress up and running! Nearly three months to the date after we found him on ebay. He has been pretty cranky about being brought out of retirement, but Caroline was able to persuade him into helping us get a project done and meet our deadline. We finally got our rollers at the beginning of the week, but alas, they were too big! After Caroline tried to perform rudimentary surgery on these things using only a hacksaw and a prayer, her father was nice enough to lend us a hand and professionally cut them to size.

So, on Wednesday night, Caroline had the chance to get acquainted with our letterpress and, as she tells it, he was pretty anti-social at first! However, he warmed up to her eventually and she was able to print the beautiful cards we have below. Stay tuned for pictures of Caroline’s arm. The press put up quite a struggle, so in a couple months time we think Caroline will have an amazing looking, totally ripped arm from pulling the letterpress lever so many times, arm (not arms) being the key word here!

A set of stationery we printed as wedding gifts for a client.

A detail of the stationery.

Another detail shot.

We packaged the stationery with the ribbon and our tag inside the box so that the client could wrap the box with wrapping paper of her choice.

We wrapped up a few extra cards for our friends.

We printed three different colors of this card, here is the deep pink color.

Here is a picture of how the plate looks on our letterpress, before it has ink on it.


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Melissa Shoes

I love my Melissa shoes! I have been looking at these two styles for quite sometime now…

The Melissa Patchuli shoe.

Melissa + Jean Paul Gaultier

However, I now spend my days working from home. My typical outfit consists of yoga pants, old t-shirts and slippers and I rarely make it farther than the gym or grocery store. Back in my previous life, when I worked in an office, commuted to the city and actually found myself having human interaction on a frequent basis, I would have bought these shoes in a second!

– Stephanie

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Casino Cards

Here is another project that we recently completed. These invitations were done for a casino themed party. For the design we used a detail from the Chrysler Building, here in New York. The Chrysler Building is one of our very favorite buildings and the art deco design that can be found throughout this building is absolutely stunning. We felt the art deco theme went very well with the casino theme, harking back to the days of glamor, jazz and speakeasies.

We decided to flat print these invitations since we still do not have our rollers 😦

Our casino/art deco themed party invitation.

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Printing Coasters

This weekend we completed an order for coasters. Double sided, two different shades of blue, 300 coasters, 600 presses. Wow, did that take awhile! We have our own press, a 123 year old Chandler & Price, however, getting rollers for this old guy has been difficult, and that is an understatement! So, this weekend we lugged all of our supplies back over to the Arm in Williamsburg and used their Chandler & Price press to get this project done. We really, really hope to have our rollers and our press up and running this week, nearly three months to the day after first setting eyes on him 🙂

So, here are some photos of the finished product. We used two different patterns, both inspired by early 19th century Japanese textile design.

A close up of our Matsumoto and Okayama patterns.

We used a light blue ink for the patterns.

We used a slightly darker blue ink for the names. We packaged up a few extras, with ribbon, as samples.


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Savage Beauty – The Alexander McQueen Met Exhibit

On Friday we stopped by the Met to have a look at the Alexander McQueen Exhibit, Savage Beauty. It was stunning! This man was a creative genius. The construction of the pieces, the beautiful details, the  innovative ways in which materials were used…his work really was breath taking. We will admit though, it was a little scary. Especially this one area of the exhibit where the dress wearing dummies were spinning around while an odd, slightly dissonant music box played from somewhere in the darkness. We both agreed, this what not the type of place we would want to be locked in for the night.

The following dress photos are from the Met and taken by Sølve Sundsbø. The hats in the following photos can all be seen at the Met, as well, and these photos of them are from various shows.

It’s Only a Game, spring/summer 2005. Notice the horse bit for the mouth. Perhaps not the most pratical dress to wear to a dinner party.

VOSS, spring/summer 2001. Notice the arms are attached to the body, so probably not a dress for every day wear...unless you happen to need restraining.

The Girl Who Lived in the Tree, autumn/winter 2008–9. The colors on this dress were absolutely stunning.

The Horn of Plenty, autumn/winter 2009–10. A dress made of black duck feathers.

Eclect Dissect, autumn/winter 1997–98. This dress was amazing. On the shoulders are resin bird skulls.

This piece was stunning! Why didn't we see anyone wearing it at the Royal Wedding!?

We loved this hat. Wonder what people's reaction would be to one of us wearing it on the subway 😉

This butterfly hat was beautiful!

An elegant feather hat.

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