Printing Coasters

This weekend we completed an order for coasters. Double sided, two different shades of blue, 300 coasters, 600 presses. Wow, did that take awhile! We have our own press, a 123 year old Chandler & Price, however, getting rollers for this old guy has been difficult, and that is an understatement! So, this weekend we lugged all of our supplies back over to the Arm in Williamsburg and used their Chandler & Price press to get this project done. We really, really hope to have our rollers and our press up and running this week, nearly three months to the day after first setting eyes on him 🙂

So, here are some photos of the finished product. We used two different patterns, both inspired by early 19th century Japanese textile design.

A close up of our Matsumoto and Okayama patterns.

We used a light blue ink for the patterns.

We used a slightly darker blue ink for the names. We packaged up a few extras, with ribbon, as samples.



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