Astoria Market

Hand-made headband purchased at Astoria Market.

On Sunday we participated in the Astoria Market. While the traffic wasn’t so hot, we met some really great vendors! It was nice chatting with them and we got some great tips. I also got a pretty great headband from E Kammeyer. Check out Emily’s Etsy shop. How could I pass up a chance to sport our pattern?! (we love a chevron) Check out our new friends on our Etsy site – they’re in our circle. We’re participating in the Northside Market in Williamsburg this coming Sunday – please come by and see our cards in person.

– Caroline



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2 responses to “Astoria Market

  1. bonkasaurus

    cute headband. they should hold classes so i can learn who to make them lol

    -Bianca at

    • Hey Pressed In Brooklyn Ladies! I loved meeting you and am so happy you love your headband! Thank you so much for the blog post! Your stationary is so beautiful. I passed your card along to my friend at

      I may be teaching a class this coming winter, send me your email and ill send you a note when the schedule is up!


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