Our Orleans Design – for Wedding Invitations & Personal Stationery

Our floral Orleans pattern in pink. Based on a piece of 18th century French furniture from the Gulbenkian Museum. This is a letterpress card, pressed by us on a Vandercook.

I spent much of this weekend photographing our work. I can’t say I have ever been much of a photographer, but with practice I certainly hope to improve. This is our Orleans design. It can be used for both wedding invitations and personal stationery.  It is based on a piece of 18th century French furniture, with the most amazing wood inlay work, that I saw while on my honeymoon in Portugal. While in Lisbon, we spent an afternoon at the Caoluste Gulbenkian Museum. Their collection of furniture and art is impressive. I found many items here that inspired me.

– Stephanie

A close up of or Orleans Design.

A slightly different view.

A beautiful piece of art nouveau jewelry at the Gulbenkian.

A lovely piece of French furniture at the Gulbenkian. A similar piece served as the inspiration for our Orleans design.


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