Our trip to Minnesota

Gold Medal Park in Minneapolis.

I recently took a little vacation to Minnesota to visit friends and catch a Yankee/Twins game. Minneapolis is a pretty cool city. We went to some great restaurants (Strip Club in St. Paul is awesome and the staff couldn’t be nicer). Target Field is a really great stadium (even though that the Yankees lost), and the people are super active. Everyone is running and biking all over the place. Maybe its because they have such amazing lakes and flowers and they are right on the Mississippi.  You really do just want to be outside and enjoy it all. It’s one of the most active cities in the US which is saying a lot because its freezing there for much of the year! On a walk in Gold Medal Park we learned that Minneapolis was known as “Mill City” because it was the world’s flour milling capital from 1880 to about 1930. In 1991 a fire in an abandoned flour mill along the Mississippi almost destroyed the building. It was turned into the Mill City Museum. We didn’t get a chance to visit the museum but it details the history of Minneapolis, the River and the industry that helped build the city. The large Gold Medal Flour and Pillsbury signs are seen in Mill City.

– Caroline

Another view of the ruined building and modern addition in Gold Medal Park.

The old Pillsbury plant, also in Gold Medal Park.

A beautiful place for wedding photos.

The Twins original “Shaking Hands” logo from 1961-1981 recreated in the new stadium. Minnie and Paul only light up and shake hands over the River when the Twins hit a home run.

Enjoying the outdoors!


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