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Our Okayama Wedding Invitation and Stationery – Japanese art as inspiration

Our Okayama letterpress design for wedding invitations and stationery.

We recently letterpressed our Okayama design. It seems pretty popular and we have already had a couple requests to use it as personal stationery. We will be printing the client’s name at the top of the card and putting the pattern at the bottom…although that could just as easily be reversed. We can’t wait to press this pattern on a wedding invitation! If you are interested in purchasing this card, you can check out our Etsy Shop.

Since we are posting this design, we thought it might be a good opportunity to talk a little about the inspiration behind it. We named the card Okayama, after a city in Japan. Most of our cards are named for the geographical regions that inspired their design. For this pattern, we really focused on antique Japanese art, patterns and illustration. The floral patterns, the clean and simple design, it is all a wonderful source for ideas.

Below are a few pieces that we really love. All can be found in the online exhibit of Japanese Art at the Metropolitan Museum of Art, here in New York. Also, starting in November, they have an exhibit “Storytelling in Japanese Art,” which we are looking forward to.

A detail from our Okayama letterpress card.

Two Ladies; One is Playing the Biwa and the Other, the Koto - Kubo Shunman (Japanese, 1757–1820)

Seaweed Food and Kitchen Utensils - Kubo Shunman (Japanese, 1757–1820). We love the colors in this piece.

Seven Gods of Good Fortune and Chinese Children - Kano Chikanobu (Japanese, 1660–1728)

Two Japanese Women Posing with Fans - Shinichi Suzuki (Japanese, 1835–1919)

Performer in Bugaku-style Costume - Unknown Artist, Japanese


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An untraditional wedding ring – perfect for a secret wedding

The Fusion Ring by Georg Jensen. Photo from Horton London.

I married my husband just over a year ago. We had been together for years, and by years I mean 13 to be exact. We had been together for so long that people actually stopped even asking us when we were going to get married. So when we finally decided to tie the knot, imagine everyone’s surprise…especially since we didn’t tell anyone until after it had already happened.

I love weddings, the invitations, dresses, colors, cake, decorations. Only one problem, I am terrified of being the center of attention. The thought of all eyes on me, well the terror is indescribable! So, city hall wedding it was. Since we didn’t tell anyone our marriage plans, I didn’t want an engagement ring, obviously some questions would arise if I suddenly started wearing one. However, I also didn’t want a plain and simple wedding ring. I wanted “the wedding ring”, something with some bling to it, something a little different. Enter the Fusion Ring by Georg Jensen. I had been looking at this ring for years, actually my husband had pointed it out to me. Every time I walked past the Georg Jensen store in SoHo I would stop in and stare at it, like a stalker with a sick obsession.

What I love about this ring are the endless possibilities. It comes in rose, yellow and white gold with either white or black diamonds. The ring comes apart and you can mix and match all the interchangeable pieces, and really create a ring that is perfect for you. You can stack as many pieces as you can fit on your finger. I decided on three rings of white gold with white diamonds, but am now in love with the white gold center piece with black diamonds, maybe for my birthday! My husband has a matching ring, two plain bands of white gold.

George Jensen also has engagement rings and other lovely jewelry. Below are some more photos from their site.

– Stephanie,

A few more variations of the Fusion Ring.

Two engagement ring options, a wedding ring and their Grape Ring.

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Antique (wedding?) Dresses from Alexandre Vassiliev’s Venetian Dream

Stunning bead work.

Ok, I know I just wrote a quick post on modern wedding dresses for the non-traditional bride, I know I had the intention to take photos of one of our latest letterpress cards, I know I intended to get dressed and go check out the jewelry at the antique stores here in Mullica Hill, New Jersey, but I just had to post these dresses first. They are stunning! They can be found at a recently opened exhibition at Venice’s Palazzo Mocenigo, which looks at Russian influence on fashion and style in the early 1900’s.

When I was getting married, I kind of thought about wearing a vintage or even antique dress. The hand made details, the character… I did look around some, but I have to say, these dresses are typically TINY. I, myself, am not. At 5’9 these dresses would be indecent on me, that is if I could even get them past my hips, let alone closed. I can’t imagine women were much past 5’0 back in the day, when these dresses were created.

Anyway, these dresses are from an exhibit that I want to see, badly. Unfortunately, I am in New Jersey at the moment and these dresses are in Venice. I also can’t get over the beautiful and highly ornate interior of the exhibition space. How do I get an apartment like that?

Enjoy the photos, if you happen to be in Venice, check out the exhibit for me. Perhaps, these dresses will even inspire you to consider going antique for your own wedding.

You can see the full post with even more information and photos at zoot magazine.

– Stephanie,


A full view of the dress in the first photo.

Beautiful evening dresses. These look a little "newer" to me, maybe more 1920s, flapper era. I love the fashion and design of the Art Deco era.

And one more...



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Wedding Dresses for the Non-traditional Bride – Rick Owens Spring/Summer 2011

A simple strapless gown.

This morning I was just wandering around the web, going to some of my favorite blogs, and came across these photos on zoot magazine from Rick Owens’ Spring/Summer 2011 collection. I love these dresses! So modern, so elegant and the hair accessories are great, too.

– Stephanie,


Another from the collection...

Love the shoes!

Would it have been ok for me to wear this to my city hall wedding?

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Lovely Wedding Hair Accessories by E. Kammeyer

A 1920s inspired hair comb made of a plume of white rooster feathers. Hand beaded with Swarovski crystals.

A little while back we did a post on a beautiful, hand- beaded headband that Caroline purchased from Emily while we were at the Astoria Flea Market. Since then we have been meaning to do a full post on the amazing, hand-made, wedding hair accessories she creates. Not only do we love her work, but we also love supporting local NYC artists and businesses as well! Here we have posted a few of our favorites. All images are from her website.

If you are interested in learning how to create these pieces of wearable art for yourself, Emily teaches classes as well. Contact her to find out her schedule. If you are interested in purchasing her hair accessories, you can visit her shop.


Silk organza flower is hand crafted all the way down to the wired crystal center.

Plume of bleached peacock feathers, finished with a vintage medallion.

Art Deco hair clip with bronze beaded applique.

A hand-beaded headband.



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Our Rome Inspired Letterpress Wedding Invitation/Card – finding inspiration in the architecture around us

Our Rome Design

We recently letterpressed our Rome design. We were thrilled with the way it turned out. This design is very detailed and we were concerned that it would not translate well to the plate and paper, that the lines would be too thin and would not show up. We were pleasantly surprised with the outcome!

So, we thought we would take the time to talk about our inspirations a little bit. Sometimes, we find, when we are a little bit stuck for ideas, we should just look up! Living in New York city, we are very fortunate to be surrounded by stunning architecture…from art deco sky scrapers to ornate brownstones. Sometimes, believe it or not, it is even possible to get inspiration from a store like Home Depot, just look up at the exposed ceiling beams and the patterns that can be found! Art and beauty are all around us, we just need to be open to the possibilities of seeing it, even in the most unlikely of places.

Fair enough, this design is based on the ceiling of the Pantheon in Rome, not the tile pattern on the floor of a Wal-Mart. How could you not look up and admire the beauty of the intricate carvings and the impressiveness of this ancient dome?  While in Italy on vacation, Caroline took this stunning photo of the ceiling.

Our photo of the Pantheon in Rome.

She suggested we use it as design inspiration. One look at it and I agreed! Instead of using the more recognizable square pattern, we focused on the tiny pattern around the opening. See the detailed shot below and a detail of our card pattern. It took a long time for us to redraw, straighten and adapt the pattern to paper, but we think the effort was worth it.


A detail of the Pantheon.

A detail of our card design.

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Thunder Soul – you must see this film!

The movie poster.

This past week, I went to a screening of a documentary on the Upper West Side with my mom. To be honest, I had no idea what I was going to see but she had some free tickets and I like spending time with her. I thought she might have said something about a “math teacher.” So we met outside the theater, got some snacks and a couple of enormous “medium” sodas and sat down…Turns out the movie was not about a “math teacher” but a music teacher. And not just any music teacher as we found out over the next hour and a half. The movie Thunder Soul was so fantastic, everyone in the theater was laughing out loud, crying and clapping. It’s a documentary on the Kashmere High School stage band in the 1970s and their band leader “Prof.” Conrad O. Johnson. You must see this film. I don’t want to give too much away but basically it tells the story of this amazing educator, a group of very talented students, and their success as a high school band. Kashmere High School is in Houston Texas and this was an all black stage band in the early-mid seventies. Think about the timing of the Civil Rights movement in this country and how these students were just getting opportunities their own parents never had. It is an amazing story – do not miss the opportunity to see Thunder Soul! Jamie Foxx is the executive producer.
– Caroline

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