Letterpress printing on a Vandercook – an evening at the Arm in Williamsburg

A Vandercook

Last night we went to the Arm in Williamsburg. A great place to go for letterpress. We typically use a Vandercook when we are there. This press really creates lovely impressions, and the physical energy it takes to operate it is significant…just ask Caroline! Operating this machine is quite a workout, or at least it appears to be because I just watch šŸ™‚ Anyway, we went to press last night to print an order for our “We’ve Moved” cards. We thought it would be interesting to show the steps that go into pressing a card. After we draw and finalize the design, we send it to have plates made. Once we get the photopolymer plates back, we are ready to go. We put photos of the pressing process below.

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First step: set up the base, furniture and quoins (the little pieces off wood and metal that keep the base in place).

Second step: Mix the ink.

And mix some more...

Third step: ink the rollers.

Fourth step: ink the plate and then keep rolling, once for each card. Thats where the physical labor comes in!

The final result.


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