Lovely Antique Engagement Rings at Erie Basin in Brooklyn

A 1900s Edwardian Diamond Cluster Ring.

UPDATE ON 3/17/2012 – Erie Basin has a stunning new cluster ring for sale, check it out here.

My husband and I were walking through Red Hook on a particularly frigid winter day and we came across the beautiful shop, Erie Basin. It is an antique store, but so stunningly curated, you feel as if you are in a small museum. While the owner, Russell Whitmore, has a great deal of jewelry and engagement rings, he also has some pretty interesting sculptures and paintings as well. If you happen to be in the area or shopping for engagement rings, I strongly suggest checking it out. If you stop by and don’t happen to see an engagement ring that quite suites you, Russell will take down your information and what you are looking for so that he can scout one out for you on one of his excursions. All of these beautiful photos are taken by him and from his blog. There are many more, but these are a couple of my favorites.

A 1920s Art Deco Engagement Ring.

A 1930s Engagement Ring.

A 1900s Edwardian Cognac Diamond Sunflower Ring.

A 19th Century Old Mine Cut Diamond, set in 1940s Platinum & Diamond Mounting.

A 1930s Art Deco Diamond Cocktail Ring.

The shop.

After spending quite some time admiring all of the beautiful items, we walked back out into the biting wind, hoping to walk around a little more. We made it about 10 feet and it was just too brutal out, so instead we headed into Fort Defiance, right across the street. Below is a photo from their site.

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– Stephanie

Fort Defiance


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11 responses to “Lovely Antique Engagement Rings at Erie Basin in Brooklyn

  1. My husband used the first picture as the inspiration for my wedding ring. It was {or something just like it} featured in Martha Stewart Weddings Magazine in 2005. I get so many compliments on my ring because it is so unique. Having the ring custom made wasn’t as pricey as I thought it would be so I definitely encourage others to check it out before purchasing from a box store. Cool post!

    • Emily

      Melissa, i too love the ring in the first pic. can you give me a rough idea of what it cost to get it made and what your jewler called tha type of setting.

  2. These designs are so pretty! I am just fond of antique diamond rings. I liked them all very much. Can you share some more designs of antique rings?

  3. M.

    First picture : as a dream !

  4. Blake

    I have the round flower shape engagement ring in the first pic. I LOVE it!!! I’m having trouble finding a wedding band for it though. I don’t want anything to around the tops of it because I love the ring the way it is. I just wanted a simple band but can’t figure out how one would sit close to it since the setting sits so close to my finger as it bows out. Any suggestions?

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  6. Aniese

    The first image is a marguerite setting or “daisy” in French. It’s very common in France however I had never seen it in the US. The French do not typically wear an engagement ring and wedding band together (like in the US although the trend is catching). I intend on wearing my marguerite on my right hand and a simple wedding band on my left after we are married.

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