Lovely Wedding Hair Accessories by E. Kammeyer

A 1920s inspired hair comb made of a plume of white rooster feathers. Hand beaded with Swarovski crystals.

A little while back we did a post on a beautiful, hand- beaded headband that Caroline purchased from Emily while we were at the Astoria Flea Market. Since then we have been meaning to do a full post on the amazing, hand-made, wedding hair accessories she creates. Not only do we love her work, but we also love supporting local NYC artists and businesses as well! Here we have posted a few of our favorites. All images are from her website.

If you are interested in learning how to create these pieces of wearable art for yourself, Emily teaches classes as well. Contact her to find out her schedule. If you are interested in purchasing her hair accessories, you can visit her shop.


Silk organza flower is hand crafted all the way down to the wired crystal center.

Plume of bleached peacock feathers, finished with a vintage medallion.

Art Deco hair clip with bronze beaded applique.

A hand-beaded headband.




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