An untraditional wedding ring – perfect for a secret wedding

The Fusion Ring by Georg Jensen. Photo from Horton London.

I married my husband just over a year ago. We had been together for years, and by years I mean 13 to be exact. We had been together for so long that people actually stopped even asking us when we were going to get married. So when we finally decided to tie the knot, imagine everyone’s surprise…especially since we didn’t tell anyone until after it had already happened.

I love weddings, the invitations, dresses, colors, cake, decorations. Only one problem, I am terrified of being the center of attention. The thought of all eyes on me, well the terror is indescribable! So, city hall wedding it was. Since we didn’t tell anyone our marriage plans, I didn’t want an engagement ring, obviously some questions would arise if I suddenly started wearing one. However, I also didn’t want a plain and simple wedding ring. I wanted “the wedding ring”, something with some bling to it, something a little different. Enter the Fusion Ring by Georg Jensen. I had been looking at this ring for years, actually my husband had pointed it out to me. Every time I walked past the Georg Jensen store in SoHo I would stop in and stare at it, like a stalker with a sick obsession.

What I love about this ring are the endless possibilities. It comes in rose, yellow and white gold with either white or black diamonds. The ring comes apart and you can mix and match all the interchangeable pieces, and really create a ring that is perfect for you. You can stack as many pieces as you can fit on your finger. I decided on three rings of white gold with white diamonds, but am now in love with the white gold center piece with black diamonds, maybe for my birthday! My husband has a matching ring, two plain bands of white gold.

George Jensen also has engagement rings and other lovely jewelry. Below are some more photos from their site.

– Stephanie,

A few more variations of the Fusion Ring.

Two engagement ring options, a wedding ring and their Grape Ring.


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