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Gold Letterpress Thanksgiving Card

Our letterpress gold turkey card.

When we went to press on Friday night to print our order for gold coasters, we thought it would be a good opportunity to press our new Thanksgiving turkey cards, too. We think they turned out great. They have a kind of ’60s look to them. We printed them on 118lb Savoy paper and the cards are folded and come with a matching envelope. We already have them up in our Etsy shop for anyone interested in purchasing them.

A close-up shot.

We also experimented with gold ink on our Odeon paper and it looks great, too! The card in the background is printed on Odeon paper.

One more view...



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Gold Letterpress Monogram Coasters

Our gold custom monogram letterpress coasters. We used our Toyokoro pattern, which is based on 19th century Japanese textile design.

Last night we went to press an order for our gold, custom monogram, letterpress coasters. We are absolutely thrilled with the result. It was our first time using gold ink. It is a little thinner than the standard colors we use, but after a little playing around, we got the hang of it and we think the results are stunning. We want to do everything in gold now! We can print this coaster plain, without a monogram or we can add a custom monogram to it. We plan to list this item (both blank and  custom) in our Etsy store this weekend. Although this design is based on antique Japanese textile design, we feel it has a very art deco vibe to it, a perfect addition to any cocktail party! We printed these on our extra heavy weight, natural white Savoy paper and the impression is crisp and amazing. When you see and hold these coasters in person, you can really feel it.

Another view of our coasters.

A close up.

Our blank gold coasters.

Following are a few photos of the letterpress print process and our first time using our new gold ink!


Inked in gold and ready to go.

Pattern plate is inked. We have a second plate with the monogram. Each color requires its own plate and its own run through the press.

The final result, before it is cut down.

A close up. You can see the nice and deep impression of the monogram in letterpress.

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Letterpress Business Stationery with Swarovski Crystal

Our two-color letterpress stationery with a Swarovski crystal detail.

We recently completed a job for a new business, Red Soles Reborn. Crystal, the owner of Red Soles Reborn, takes shoes and gives them a completely new look with the use of different size and color Swarovski crystals. Like the Swarovski crystals we use on our stationery, she applies every single one by hand, one at a time. While her specialty is Christian Louboutin shoes, she can transform any shoes from ordinary to extraordinary. Our favorite part? While Crystal can re-create an existing shoe, the real fun is commissioning her to make something completely original!

Since Red Soles Reborn is a luxury service, Crystal was looking for stationery for her business that reflected her high end product. She came to us at Pressed to create something special. Working with her website designer, a logo was created and from there we designed her suite. Crystal ordered both flat printed and letterpress pieces. To enclose with each order, beautiful flat printed “Thank You” cards in a Pantone color to match the famous red soles, with plenty of room for Crystal to write to her client. And for follow-up notes, promotions and reminders for her past clients, luxe, folded, 2 color letterpress cards printed on our 100% cotton 118 lb paper, finished with what else but a tiny Swarovski crystal. You can check out more of our letterpress stationery and wedding invites at

A detail of the stationery with crystal.

Letterpress stationery with our flat printed card.

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Rings as Wearable Sculpture: jewelry by Monica Castiglioni

A detail of my silver ring. This one always gets tons of attention when I am riding the subway and holding on to the overhead railing.

One of the great things about being married to an architect is I get beautiful jewelry. My husband has an eye for unusual pieces. He is the one who first introduced me to Monica Castiglioni and her work. I believe the first set he gave me was for my birthday, a few years ago. It was the bronze ring with the pearl, shown below. I was in love! I tried it on and it fit perfectly. He was relieved because at the time he purchased it, he did not know my ring size. If I remember right, I think he met Monica while looking at her rings and explained this to her. He asked if the rings could be resized. She said that because of how they are created, they cannot. If this ring fit me I was meant to have it, if it didn’t…well I’m not. He could bring it back. Fortunately, for me, it appears I was meant to have it.

So here are some photos from my collection of her jewelry. Holidays are coming soon and I have to say, I wouldn’t mind another addition.

– Stephanie,

This might be my favorite one.

My first set. A bronze and pearl ring with matching earrings.

I don't know...maybe this is my favorite.

A silver and pearl ring.

But I love this one, too.

I really want one of these double rings! These can be found on her website.

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The National Coach Museum in Lisbon: housing the Rolls-Royce Phantoms of their day

The Carriage Museum in Lisbon, housed in a beautiful 18th century building.

While on our honeymoon in Portugal and Spain, my husband and I stopped for a look around the National Coach Museum in Lisbon, Portugal. This was easily my favorite place in Lisbon. These carriages are stunning!  When you get up close, you can see the intricate carving and ornate wood work. I can’t even begin to imagine the hours the master craftsmen spent carving these works of art on wheels.

These carriages were used to carry the royal families of Portugal. Some date back to the 16th century and you can really see the change in aesthetics from that time period to the 18th century as the carriages became progressively more ornate and complex. For those of a more mechanical mindset, you can even see how the  joints, wheels and suspension straps evolved in order to make for a smoother and more comfortable ride. These stunning carriages truly were the Rolls-Royce Phantoms of their time! If you happen to find yourself in Lisbon, I strongly suggest stopping by.

– Stephanie,

Not an inch of this carriage is left unadorned.

You can see the suspension straps in this view. These help create a smoother ride.

A detail of the intricate woodwork.

After, we stopped by a beautiful cafe, just down the street.

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Inexpensive, DIY Wedding Invitations for the Cost Conscious Couple

Our Multi-color Chevron Wedding Suite. We can customize the text and colors. You can print it yourself or we can print it for you.

The economy, what can we say, it isn’t all that great right now. However, good news! I just read that the recession is officially over…the only bad part, incomes keep falling.

With that sad bit of information in mind, we decided to create a line of wedding invitations for the cost conscious couple. Just because someone is on a tight budget, doesn’t mean they can’t have a beautiful wedding.

Our DIY line, available in our Etsy store, comes in two options. We can customize the text and colors and email the client PDF files so that they can print and cut the invites at home or a local print/copy shop. Certainly a very cost conscious option. Or, if the client prefers, we can flat print the designs for them on our 92lb, Savoy, 100% cotton paper. The result can be seen in these photos.

While we love letterpress, the process is certainly more costly and not everyone has that option. We also love that we can fit lots of color into these designs and use patterns that we typically would not be able to do with letterpress. We plan to do a number of designs for this line and will post them as we complete them.

As we try new ideas, we certainly welcome any feedback!

Our bold chevron pattern.

Our crazy candy cane chevron. Colors can be customized to any that you pick.



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Our Letterpress Crystal Skull Halloween Card – an inside look at letterpress design from start to finish

Our latest design. A skull made out of dots on our new silver and gold shine paper. We were excited to press on this paper for the first time last night!

Last night we had a very busy night pressing. We had a number of jobs to do and we really wanted to press our new skull invites in time for Halloween! We are thrilled with how they turned out, especially considering how much time it took to draw them. We are also very happy with the shine samples we were given by Reich paper. They really do have amazing paper! We have our skulls up for sale on our Etsy site.

A close up shot of our skulls. A million little dots.

The front and back of the folded letterpress card have design on them. We thought it would be interesting to have the skull pattern extend to the back.

Experimenting with Swarovski crystal on the skull. Still not sure this is where we want to place them.

We also thought it might be interesting to share the letterpress process from start to finish, that is from concept to printed product. Below are photos, step-by-step of how this card was created.

We really wanted to design something rather ornate and grown-up. No cute Halloween card for us! So we found an photo of a skull from an old, Victorian medical book.

We have also been rather inspired by the artwork of Chuck Close. From far away, it looks like a single image, close up you see all the millions of dots that create it. Check out for this and many other Chuck Close images.

In Illustrator, create a grid and a few dots as symbols and assign a dot size to a corresponding pixel/shade of grey. Pour yourself a glass, or two, or three of wine because this part takes forever!

Once FINALLY finished, create a plate. We put as many things as possible on a plate and then cut the individual designs out once we go to press.

This is what the plate looks like when we get it back.

Our skull inked and ready to print.

Our skulls drying.


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