A little wedding planning advice, and some great vendors in NYC

Sunset over the Hudson

So, here is my advice on planning a wedding. I am certainly no expert, I have only been married once. I’ve been to a ton of weddings, I’ve been around wedding planning couples (both crazy and sane), but these are just my opinions. Read on, or don’t, take it or leave it, but hopefully I can offer a piece of advice that might help you out.

1. Planning a wedding should not be stressful. Paying for it might be, but other than that this is supposed to be FUN. (Okay, seating is stressful. I can’t lie.)

2. You’re a bride, that does not entitle you to be mean, critical or disrespectful of other people’s time, feelings or budget. Shows like Bridezilla’s make me cringe. Are these women for real? and someone choose them? to be with FOREVER?! I hope I was a good bride during my engagement. Be nice. works for life, works for wedding planning.

3. Choose excellent vendors. This is critical in having a smooth event. Take recommendations when you can. Our vendors were amazing and we were very, very lucky. I am listing them here because we loved them. If you live in NY maybe you’d like to consider them.

Venue: The Lighthouse at Chelsea Piers.

Photographer: Julia Newman – she’s so cool, so nice, and an extremely talented photographer.

Videographer: Reaching Roots Studio. We didn’t want a video since we’re a little more low-key but decided at the last minute we would want to see all the stuff you miss on the big day. Nate is amazing. Unless you’ve always wanted to be a movie star – we didn’t – it seems intimidating. Nate captures everything without being at all intrusive. We LOVE our wedding video. It is not at all the traditional kind of video and people actually enjoyed watching it. Unless they lied to us. I think they did like it though. It might have been that we have KISS as one of the background songs. Who knows?!

Florist: Botanical Design. Brian is a really good guy that wants you to be happy with your flowers. He is also conscious of your budget and really does his best to come up with exactly what you want, and more!

4. Take a picture with your grandma. If you’re lucky enough to still have her, make sure you get a picture of the two of you together. Its the best thing you can do for her that day, and you’ll treasure the picture forever.

5. Don’t forget to step aside with your new hubby or wife and look around and enjoy a moment together in a super fast, crazy day.

6. Eat. No, really, eat. Its a long day and you’re paying a lot of money for that food.

I’m sure there is more, but who needs more than 6 pieces of advice from a non-expert? So, I’ll wrap this up by sharing the best two pieces of advice I was given during my engagement:

From my sister, “If they want to say hello to you, tell them to meet you on the dance floor!”

And from my mother, “Remember, a wedding is only about a day, a marriage is for a lifetime.”

– Caroline, pressedinbrooklyn.com

The Bride and Groom

The Dress

The Table

The Cake

The Flowers

The Bar


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