Our Letterpress Crystal Skull Halloween Card – an inside look at letterpress design from start to finish

Our latest design. A skull made out of dots on our new silver and gold shine paper. We were excited to press on this paper for the first time last night!

Last night we had a very busy night pressing. We had a number of jobs to do and we really wanted to press our new skull invites in time for Halloween! We are thrilled with how they turned out, especially considering how much time it took to draw them. We are also very happy with the shine samples we were given by Reich paper. They really do have amazing paper! We have our skulls up for sale on our Etsy site.


A close up shot of our skulls. A million little dots.

The front and back of the folded letterpress card have design on them. We thought it would be interesting to have the skull pattern extend to the back.

Experimenting with Swarovski crystal on the skull. Still not sure this is where we want to place them.

We also thought it might be interesting to share the letterpress process from start to finish, that is from concept to printed product. Below are photos, step-by-step of how this card was created.

We really wanted to design something rather ornate and grown-up. No cute Halloween card for us! So we found an photo of a skull from an old, Victorian medical book.

We have also been rather inspired by the artwork of Chuck Close. From far away, it looks like a single image, close up you see all the millions of dots that create it. Check out debellefeuille.com for this and many other Chuck Close images.

In Illustrator, create a grid and a few dots as symbols and assign a dot size to a corresponding pixel/shade of grey. Pour yourself a glass, or two, or three of wine because this part takes forever!

Once FINALLY finished, create a plate. We put as many things as possible on a plate and then cut the individual designs out once we go to press.

This is what the plate looks like when we get it back.

Our skull inked and ready to print.

Our skulls drying.



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2 responses to “Our Letterpress Crystal Skull Halloween Card – an inside look at letterpress design from start to finish

  1. Lindsey

    By far the coolest card I’ve seen in a long time. Forget Halloween, I’d use this anytime.

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