Gold Letterpress Monogram Coasters

Our gold custom monogram letterpress coasters. We used our Toyokoro pattern, which is based on 19th century Japanese textile design.

Last night we went to press an order for our gold, custom monogram, letterpress coasters. We are absolutely thrilled with the result. It was our first time using gold ink. It is a little thinner than the standard colors we use, but after a little playing around, we got the hang of it and we think the results are stunning. We want to do everything in gold now! We can print this coaster plain, without a monogram or we can add a custom monogram to it. We plan to list this item (both blank and  custom) in our Etsy store this weekend. Although this design is based on antique Japanese textile design, we feel it has a very art deco vibe to it, a perfect addition to any cocktail party! We printed these on our extra heavy weight, natural white Savoy paper and the impression is crisp and amazing. When you see and hold these coasters in person, you can really feel it.

Another view of our coasters.

A close up.

Our blank gold coasters.

Following are a few photos of the letterpress print process and our first time using our new gold ink!


Inked in gold and ready to go.

Pattern plate is inked. We have a second plate with the monogram. Each color requires its own plate and its own run through the press.

The final result, before it is cut down.

A close up. You can see the nice and deep impression of the monogram in letterpress.


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