The Holiday Challenge – Is it possible for me to buy all my presents from Etsy and support small businesses and artists?

Our French Bulldog letterpress folded notecards. A perfect gift for Frenchie lovers.

It is amazing how quickly this year has passed by. I can’t believe that Thanksgiving is now behind us and the Holidays are fast approaching. We are gearing up to print our Holiday cards within the next week so stay tuned for our Chanukkah, Christmas and Season’s Greetings card. We can’t wait to share them!

Being so focused on the season of giving, and now that we are independent artists ourselves, Caroline and I began thinking. How about challenging ourselves to purchase all of our gifts from other small artists. We love all the support we receive and we equally love returning it.

So, here is my list. Any suggestions would be more than welcome! I am going to start my search on Etsy, but also search some of my favorite blogs and local Brooklyn artists at the Brooklyn Flea. Perhaps it is a little ambitious, but I hope to write a daily post on how my search is going, spotlighting some of my favorite finds. I have told my family to ignore my blog for the next month….let’s see if they can actually do that.  And one more thing, I plan a budget cap at $50 per person.

Mom – I was thinking maybe soap. Etsy has some great finds that I have been meaning to purchase for myself. She also loves photography and art work. Florals and birds are her favorites.

Dad – Wow, this is tough. He likes cars. He is also kind of a science geek, so maybe something fun along those lines.

Sister-in-Law: She is easy.  She loves jewelry. Something simple and a little rough looking is her style.

Brother: Another challenge. His interests are movies, electronics and video games. What am I gonna do?! However, they do have a new home, so maybe some type of art for it might be fun. I know he is a big fan of Green Lantern. Could I possibly find something related to that?

Baby Nephew: I saw this great little onesie on Etsy that has “Stormpooper” printed on it. Pretty cute and might appeal to the geek side of my brother. I will certainly do a post on this in the next day or so.

Husband: The most difficult of all. He is an architect and pretty picky when it comes to design. I saw some really great laptop cases on Etsy, but unfortunately he just bought one for himself. He likes antiques, so maybe I could find him something interesting and vintage at the Brooklyn Flea.

Mother-in-Law: She would also like jewelry. She loves the stuff at the Met Museum store and I have often bought her pieces from there. Their jewelry is historical and classic. Wonder if I could find something similar on Etsy.

So, there it is. I think I will start with my nephew first since he is the easiest….and since he can’t talk yet, it will be impossible for him to complain if he doesn’t like his gift!

– Stephanie,



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