The Etsy Holiday Gift Challenge – Buying a Gift for My Sis-in-Law

My nephew, Gabe, and his mama, Melanie.

So, here we are on day 3 of the Holiday Gift Challenge. Just to recap, I plan to purchase all of this year’s presents from Etsy or other small businesses/artists and my budget is $50 per person. I had a great time shopping for my sis-in-law, Melanie. All of the presents I found are amazing and I would absolutely love to have each one of them for myself!

So, lets start with this fantastic scarf by EcoShag. Love it! They have so many colors and versions to pick from, it was very hard to pick a favorite! To top it off, a portion of each sale is donated to the National Brain Tumor Society and The Make a Wish Foundation.

Muti-color scarf by EcoShag.

I just know Melanie would love this silver, monogram bracelet. And how perfect, this photo even has an “M” on it…like it was meant to be. You can find it, along with tons of other great stuff, in BeadinByTheSea’s Etsy shop.

Lovely silver bracelet by BeadinByTheSea.

I want these fingerless gloves by MoonHalo for myself. Super stylish and you can still txt with ease while wearing them.

Fingerless gloves by MoonHalo.

I can never have enough soap. These shea butter soap bars by sweetpetula look perfect. Not sure what I like more, the soap or the beautiful paper it is wrapped in!

Shea butter soap by sweetpetula.

In this house we are hard-core chocaholics. These handmade chocolate marshmallows from whimsyandspice would be gone in no time. I am totally craving a cup of hot chocolate topped with these marshmallows, NOW! To make it even better, they come from a fellow Brooklyn Etsy member.

Yummy chocolate marshmallows from whimsyandspice.

These slate, resin, dot earrings by DriftGifts are simple and understated and would make an excellent gift.

Slate, resin earrings by DriftGifts.

This necklace from cherryandviolet is so elegant. I would love to have it for myself!

Amethyst necklace from cherryandviolet.

Love these fingerless gloves from elde. They look so warm and soft.

Love these gloves from elde!

Go Brooklyn! I love this amethyst ring from sweetolivejewelry!  I wonder if she sells her work in any local stores so that I can see it in person. I’m going to have to ask. All her jewelry is just amazing.

Love this ring by sweetolivejewelry.

These ornaments by ClothandPatina are so pretty and have such a classic design. They are made from vintage game cards and can be made with the letter of your choice.

Vintage ornaments by ClothandPatina.

We are on a Brooklyn roll today! Here is another great item from a fellow Brooklyn artist. Love this simple canvas and leather bag by tomboylessons. If anyone is looking for something to get me…

Canvas and leather bag by tomboylessons.

And Brooklyn again! So many amazing artists in our lovely borough! This Tear Drop ring by musebymichelle is beautiful. Is it bad to buy Holiday presents for myself?

Tear Drop ring by musebymichelle.

Love the design of this laptop case from Adimaa. I have a very similar case for my iphone and I constantly get complements on it.

Laptop case from Adimaa.

And we have another Brooklyn artist. I love these constellation pendants by JulieNolan. So pretty. I want to buy one for everyone I know! My sis-in-law is a Scorpio. In fact most of the people around me seem to be Scorpios, even my puppy, Pascal!

Constellation Pendant by JulieNolan.

This hooded wrap is great. I would love to have one myself. Love the color, love the fit, love everything about it. Check it out on HervanDevi.

Love this wrap by HerbanDevi.

And lets finish up this list with one more Brooklyn artist! Love these hand drawn tote bags from feitoemwilliamsburg! I can never have enough tote bags and this would be perfect for Melanie to carry around all her baby stuff in.

Great tote bags from feitoemwilliamsburg.

Also, I think I will package up some of our Susami Letterpress Notecards for Melanie, as well. Maybe we will even customize them with her name. I think she would like that…or maybe we should put baby Gabe’s name on the cards, that would be pretty cute, too.

Our Susami Letterpress notecards, based on antique Japanese textile patterns.

So, that’s it, done with Melanie’s list. Really, finding presents is the easy part, I see that now. There is just so much amazing stuff out there. Picking presents from these great lists is going to be the hard part.

– Stephanie,



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14 responses to “The Etsy Holiday Gift Challenge – Buying a Gift for My Sis-in-Law

  1. You have wonderful taste! Such lovely items here! Many thanks for featuring my Silver Ring Bracelet, it seems to be a very popular item this year! Happy Shopping to you!

  2. I always end up buying a bit for myself:) I really love your selections and see some items I may want as well! Thanks so much for featuring my Tear Drop Ring I am wearing mine right now. Thanks again and Happy Holidays to you 🙂

  3. Wow, so many awesome finds! Your blog is gorgeous. It’s just my style!

    Thank you so much for featuring my Amethyst Necklace! I hope you have a wonderful holiday season!

  4. Such lovely finds! I have been DYING to try out those marshmallows for the longest time!

  5. I am so flattered that you included my pink amethyst ring with all these other fabulous local sellers! To answer your question: at the moment my jewelry is just available online and at craft fairs–such as the upcoming Bust Craftacular. One of my goals for the new year is to approach some local boutiques though.

  6. Great taste you have and I’m honored that one of my items is chosen.
    Thank you very much and Happy Holidays:)


  7. Thank you so much for featuring my scarf! Love everything you’ve put together here….I’m most definitely doing my Christmas shopping on Etsy!!! Handmade is always the way to go.:) Happy holidays everyone!!!

  8. Great post… Thank you so much for adding my gloves to your Holiday gift guide! 🙂

    Happy holidays!


  9. Amanda

    Awesome post. The artists you have been featuring have been amazing, and I’ve been eyeing your letterpress work. Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays!

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