The stunning photography of Candida Höfer…and an amazing option for those of us who can’t afford it.

A library in Lisbon by Candida Höfer.

Sometime back, my husband introduced me to the photography of Candida Höfer. Her work is absolutely amazing. She focuses on large-format photos of empty interiors and social spaces that capture the “psychology of social architecture.” Her photos are often taken from a front angle or sometimes a diagonal. Often, her empty and actionless rooms are shot from an elevated vantage point near one wall so that the far wall is centered within the image. From her earliest photos, she has focused on depicting public spaces such as museums, palaces, libraries, places of worship and theaters that are lacking any type of human presence.

While I am in love with her photos, I am unfortunately not so in love with the price. Short of winning the lotto, I am not sure how I am going to ever get one of these gems into my apartment. Not to mention, these photos are HUGE….to the point that I don’t even think I have a wall large enough for one. The cost for a 10×20 foot photo of hers can go for between $35,000 and $45,000.

But, don’t despair, I believe I have found a viable and much more affordable alternative, on Etsy, no less.  So below, I have a test. Three of  these images are from Candida Höfer and two are not. Two of the images below are from the Etsy artist, Mable Tan, and are a much more reasonable price of $215 and $90. See if you can guess which photos are which!

Biblioteca dei Girolamini Napoli

Palacio Nacional de Mafra

Trianon Palace, Chateau Versailles, Paris

Hall of Mirrors, Versailles, Paris

Palazzo Corsini, Firenze

Ok, so could you guess the three photos by Candida Höfer and which two photos were by fellow Etsy artist, Mable Tan? You couldn’t? Photo 3 (Trianon Palace, Chateau Versailles, Paris) and Photo 4 (Hall of Mirrors, Versailles, Paris) are by Mable Tan. I think both photos are lovely and capture a similar beauty and detail as Hofer’s photos. While Mable Tan’s Photos do not measure 20 feet, they are still a very good size of 16×20 inches for the Hall of Mirrors and 20×32 inches for the Trianon Palace photo.

You can check out Mable Tan’s Etsy shop here for all her amazing photos. If you have $35,000 burning a hole in your pocket…or you just want to see some absolutely stunning photography, you can check out Candida Höfer’s work over on Artnet, which is where all these photos from her can be found.

– Stephanie,


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One response to “The stunning photography of Candida Höfer…and an amazing option for those of us who can’t afford it.

  1. WOW! I am so honored to be in the same post as the great photographer, Candida Höfer. Thank you so, so very much for writing about my art. It gives me great joy to be a writer + photographer and greater joy even when people appreciates what I do. Have an awesome weekend!

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