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Custom Letterpress Notecards for a First Communion

A Rosary in deep purple for a First Communion note card.

We were recently commissioned to design and press notecards for the daughter of a client. It was for her First Communion and they wanted a design that incorporated a Rosary. We really like how they turned out!

Also, we have had tons of great entries for out LETTERPRESS WEDDING INVITE GIVE AWAY! Thanks so much to everyone for visiting our site, taking a look at our work and supporting us as we get started! We are super excited to draw a name and go to press. We have never seen the Avignon design in letterpress before and there is something so wonderful about seeing a design in actual letterpress for the first time.

– Caroline & Stephanie,

A detail of the Rosary. Printed on 118lb Savoy paper.



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The US National Archives’ Photostream – Loving all these vintage, 1970s photos

Before rollerblades...

Currently, I am working on my online, graphic design portfolio. So, I was looking for inspiration and came across the US National Archives’ Photostreamon Flickr. I did a search on Central Park, and for some unknown reason, my search led to this amazing trove of vintage, 1970s photos. I honestly can’t tell you how long I just spent going through these photos. There is just something so deep and rich about the colors and lighting from this old film.Of course, I love the convenience of having a digital camera, having the luxury to take as many photos as needed of our letterpress projects and being able to upload them immediately. However, there was something kind of special about taking photos, bringing them to be developed and waiting in anticipation to see how the photos actually turned out.

I also have to say, since everything is digital, our family photo albums have fallen to the wayside. I remember, I used to visit my parents, pull our these huge old photo albums and go through them. Right there, so convenient all bound and at my fingertips. We could see the photos of when we all got the chickenpox, the look of sheer joy on my brother’s face when we got our first Nintendo and how lame I actually kind of looked in my favorite, pink and purple unicorn shirt with matching trousers. Well, those days are gone. If I want to see any photos from the year 2000 on, I have to ask my dad to turn on his computer, sort through the various files and show me. Maybe I’m old fashioned, but it just isn’t the same. My husband and I keep saying that we have to get some photo albums made using Blurb, but that has yet to happen.

Anyway, hope you enjoy these photos, as far as I know they have no copyright restrictions so can be used for most anything. They are enough to make me want to find a working, vintage camera on Ebay!

– Stephanie,

Love the wallpaper. Btw, is he knitting?

Vintage Grand Central Station.

Philly street scene.

Wonder if he is available for parties...

Vintage popcorn stand.

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Our Custom French Bulldog Letterpress Notecards

Our French Bulldog note cards and matching pressed envelopes.

Right before the holidays, we received an order for custom French Bulldog stationery. We were very happy with how the order turned out, especially the bright orange pop of color. We printed them on our ultra-heavy weight, savoy 236lb paper, which we love! Our Frenchie and English Bulldog cards seem pretty popular. We plan to design some more doggie cards for different breeds in the future.

We finally got around to uploading some photos of the project and wanted to share them with everyone.

Also, don’t forget to check out our free letterpress wedding invite giveaway!

– Caroline & Stephanie,

A detail from the notecard.

Another view of the notecard.

The matching letterpress envelopes.

How we package custom orders.

And finally, Pascal. The shop muse and inspiration behind the design!


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Beautiful Japanese Design – the Futagami Trivet

Futagami sun trivet.

I just wanted to take a minute to share this beautiful sun trivet by Japanese designer Futagami. It may be apparent now that here at Pressed in Brooklyn, we have quite an appreciation for Japanese design.

The photo above is from Rakuten. You can certainly purchase the trivet there. However, I was having a little bit of difficulty with that and ended up purchasing the trivet from Magpie and Rye, an amazing store located in San Francisco…and they also carry all of the other Futagami trivet designs, as well.

– Stephanie,

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Our Japanese inspired letterpress wedding invite, with Swarovski crystals…and our wedding invitation give away!

Our Hyogo letterpress card. This cherry blossom pattern is based on antique kimono patterns.

After a bit of a break for the holidays, we are back! Just before we went on vacation, we printed these lovely invites. The bride-to-be picked deep red, black and sliver for her colors. To amp it up a little, we also added Swarovski crystals. We were very happy with the end result!

Also, we are having another LETTERPRESS WEDDING INVITATION GIVE AWAY!! We will be giving away 20 letterpress wedding invitations and RSVP cards. They will be letterpressed on our lush 118lb Savoy paper. All you have to do to enter the giveaway is email and enter your name to Caroline, her email can be found here. The deadline to enter is February 25th and we will announce the winner, here on our blog, on February 28th. So check back to see if it is you! The design we will be giving away is our Avignon design. You can see photos of it at the bottom of the page. It is based on an antique, French pharmacy tin from the early 1900s. We are in the process of letterpressing and photographing all of our designs for our website, so the winner will need to be ok with us photographing their invitation. Of course, additional invites can be ordered if needed.

A detail of the cherry blossom design, with Swarovski crystals.

The matching RSVP card.

A detail from the RSVP card.

So, here it is, our Avignon card. These are flat print versions of it. It is pretty versatile and can be made rustic with the addition of twine, craft paper envelopes and dried flowers or it can be made more modern with the addition of silver envelopes.

– Caroline & Stephanie,

Our Avignon invitation. Made rustic with twine, a craft paper envelope and dried rosemary.

Made modern with a silver envelope.

The matching RSVP card.


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