A memorial to Michael Jackson and Bubbles – an afternoon at LACMA

Michael Jackson and his companion, Bubbles the chimp. A dazzling memorial in gold! Ceramic by Jeff Koons.

On Saturday, my husband and I explored LA a little more. One of our stops was LACMA, the Los Angeles County Museum of Art. A great museum. Currently they have an exhibit, California Designs,  that is certainly worth checking out. Looking at all the mid-century design was inspirational and gave a small window into the ideas and concerns facing the people of that age. Of particular note to me was the board game on display, “Boom, or the Golden Age.”

Boom! or the Golden Age...Endorsed by Atomic Scientists!

At this point in time, the threat of nuclear war was certainly on the minds of people in the Unites States. I suppose what really got me was the fun and innocent way in which this whole concept was presented on a board game, with a Leave-It-To-Beaveresque young woman smiling on the cover.  To see the the very real fears of the era, juxtaposed with the glossy and prim varnish common of this time period, was perhaps one of the more eye-opening parts of this exhibit for me.

Following are a few more photos from our trip there.

– Stephanie, www.pressedinbrooklyn.com

St. John the Baptist by Jeff Koons.

Louis by Jeff Koons.

A rather uncomfortable looking bed by Robert Therrien.

This large race track (Metropolis II) reminds me of LA traffic, except it moves faster.

Another view of the race track.

It was huge and watching it was hypnotic.

A view of the city from the roof.


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