More Vintage Design Inspiration – Album Covers

Wonder what Beethoven would think of this album cover...

So, I’m not the only one in this household who likes to bring home random finds. A little while back, my husband came home with these old records. I have no idea where he found them. Right now we just have them sitting on our bookshelf. I would love to get a record player so that we could actually listen to them. Maybe one day… Anyway, just thought I would post some photos of them for a little more vintage design inspiration.

– Stephanie,

Love this illustration.

The back of the album.

The diagonal lines give this a very late 70s or early 80s vibe.

A very psychedelic Vivaldi!

I really like this one...

Memories...this was HUGE when I was kid.



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4 responses to “More Vintage Design Inspiration – Album Covers

  1. These all have a vintage look to them but they are definitely beautiful. Wonderrful post

  2. Oh, yes indeedy. Classic stuff!

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