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Our Cards Now Sold at By Brooklyn, a shop in Carroll Gardens!

Our Brooklyn card, on display at By Brooklyn.

Recently, the ladies of By Brooklyn contacted us about selling our line of cards. We are so excited that they found us and we are absolutely thrilled to have our cards now being sold in a store. We stopped by there to meet them, and we fell in love with the shop. Everything they sell is made in Brooklyn. From adorable baby clothes, to chocolate, to slate cheese plates, to gorgeous jewelry, this place has it all. One could do some serious damage in the candy section of this shop!

You can check out their website and for those of you who can’t make it to Brooklyn, you can visit their online shop. You can also read about their upcoming events on their blog. By Brooklyn is located at 261 Smith Street, be sure to check it out!


– Caroline & Stephanie,

Brooklyn made candy and chocolate.

Yep, I'm an addict...

Slate coasters and cheese platters.

For baby.

Beautiful jewelry.



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Letterpress Coasters with Monogram and Custom Drawn Font

Custom coasters letterpressed on our 236lb Savoy paper using grey ink and our Toyokoro pattern.

We recently completed a job for a client. She requested our custom monogram coasters using our Toyokoro pattern. We love this pattern, based on antique Japanese kimono patterns, it has a timeless quality to it. Here at Pressed, we just can’t get enough of Japanese design. She also requested stationery with the letter “B” on it. This letter comes from a line of fonts that we have created and hand drawn. We only have a few letters drawn so far, but are slowly working our way through the alphabet.

Also, only a couple more days left to enter our  FREE LETTERPRESS WEDDING INVITATION GIVE AWAY!

– Caroline & Stephanie,

Our custom font...have yet to decide on a name for it.

A detail of the letter "B" font.

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Gold Letterpress Monogram Coasters

Our gold custom monogram letterpress coasters. We used our Toyokoro pattern, which is based on 19th century Japanese textile design.

Last night we went to press an order for our gold, custom monogram, letterpress coasters. We are absolutely thrilled with the result. It was our first time using gold ink. It is a little thinner than the standard colors we use, but after a little playing around, we got the hang of it and we think the results are stunning. We want to do everything in gold now! We can print this coaster plain, without a monogram or we can add a custom monogram to it. We plan to list this item (both blank and  custom) in our Etsy store this weekend. Although this design is based on antique Japanese textile design, we feel it has a very art deco vibe to it, a perfect addition to any cocktail party! We printed these on our extra heavy weight, natural white Savoy paper and the impression is crisp and amazing. When you see and hold these coasters in person, you can really feel it.

Another view of our coasters.

A close up.

Our blank gold coasters.

Following are a few photos of the letterpress print process and our first time using our new gold ink!


Inked in gold and ready to go.

Pattern plate is inked. We have a second plate with the monogram. Each color requires its own plate and its own run through the press.

The final result, before it is cut down.

A close up. You can see the nice and deep impression of the monogram in letterpress.

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Our set of antique New York City borough cards

Our Brooklyn borough card.

We thought it would be fun to do cards and coasters for all the boroughs in New York City. Being from Brooklyn, we started on that one first. We found some great old maps of the boroughs dating to the 1880s. We loved them so much that we redrew some of the images for our cards. So far, we have Brooklyn and Queens drawn and printed on flat greeting cards. We hope to finish up the Bronx, Manhattan and Staten Island in the near future. We also plan to get plates made of each of these designs in order to make letterpress coasters from them. We think they would make great gift sets. These cards can be purchased in our Etsy store.



Our Queens greeting card.

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Printing Coasters

This weekend we completed an order for coasters. Double sided, two different shades of blue, 300 coasters, 600 presses. Wow, did that take awhile! We have our own press, a 123 year old Chandler & Price, however, getting rollers for this old guy has been difficult, and that is an understatement! So, this weekend we lugged all of our supplies back over to the Arm in Williamsburg and used their Chandler & Price press to get this project done. We really, really hope to have our rollers and our press up and running this week, nearly three months to the day after first setting eyes on him 🙂

So, here are some photos of the finished product. We used two different patterns, both inspired by early 19th century Japanese textile design.

A close up of our Matsumoto and Okayama patterns.

We used a light blue ink for the patterns.

We used a slightly darker blue ink for the names. We packaged up a few extras, with ribbon, as samples.


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