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Inexpensive, DIY Wedding Invitations for the Cost Conscious Couple

Our Multi-color Chevron Wedding Suite. We can customize the text and colors. You can print it yourself or we can print it for you.

The economy, what can we say, it isn’t all that great right now. However, good news! I just read that the recession is officially over…the only bad part, incomes keep falling.

With that sad bit of information in mind, we decided to create a line of wedding invitations for the cost conscious couple. Just because someone is on a tight budget, doesn’t mean they can’t have a beautiful wedding.

Our DIY line, available in our Etsy store, comes in two options. We can customize the text and colors and email the client PDF files so that they can print and cut the invites at home or a local print/copy shop. Certainly a very cost conscious option. Or, if the client prefers, we can flat print the designs for them on our 92lb, Savoy, 100% cotton paper. The result can be seen in these photos.

While we love letterpress, the process is certainly more costly and not everyone has that option. We also love that we can fit lots of color into these designs and use patterns that we typically would not be able to do with letterpress. We plan to do a number of designs for this line and will post them as we complete them.

As we try new ideas, we certainly welcome any feedback!

Our bold chevron pattern.

Our crazy candy cane chevron. Colors can be customized to any that you pick.




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