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Letterpress Business Stationery with Swarovski Crystal

Our two-color letterpress stationery with a Swarovski crystal detail.

We recently completed a job for a new business, Red Soles Reborn. Crystal, the owner of Red Soles Reborn, takes shoes and gives them a completely new look with the use of different size and color Swarovski crystals. Like the Swarovski crystals we use on our stationery, she applies every single one by hand, one at a time. While her specialty is Christian Louboutin shoes, she can transform any shoes from ordinary to extraordinary. Our favorite part? While Crystal can re-create an existing shoe, the real fun is commissioning her to make something completely original!

Since Red Soles Reborn is a luxury service, Crystal was looking for stationery for her business that reflected her high end product. She came to us at Pressed to create something special. Working with her website designer, a logo was created and from there we designed her suite. Crystal ordered both flat printed and letterpress pieces. To enclose with each order, beautiful flat printed “Thank You” cards in a Pantone color to match the famous red soles, with plenty of room for Crystal to write to her client. And for follow-up notes, promotions and reminders for her past clients, luxe, folded, 2 color letterpress cards printed on our 100% cotton 118 lb paper, finished with what else but a tiny Swarovski crystal. You can check out more of our letterpress stationery and wedding invites at

A detail of the stationery with crystal.

Letterpress stationery with our flat printed card.


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Inexpensive, DIY Wedding Invitations for the Cost Conscious Couple

Our Multi-color Chevron Wedding Suite. We can customize the text and colors. You can print it yourself or we can print it for you.

The economy, what can we say, it isn’t all that great right now. However, good news! I just read that the recession is officially over…the only bad part, incomes keep falling.

With that sad bit of information in mind, we decided to create a line of wedding invitations for the cost conscious couple. Just because someone is on a tight budget, doesn’t mean they can’t have a beautiful wedding.

Our DIY line, available in our Etsy store, comes in two options. We can customize the text and colors and email the client PDF files so that they can print and cut the invites at home or a local print/copy shop. Certainly a very cost conscious option. Or, if the client prefers, we can flat print the designs for them on our 92lb, Savoy, 100% cotton paper. The result can be seen in these photos.

While we love letterpress, the process is certainly more costly and not everyone has that option. We also love that we can fit lots of color into these designs and use patterns that we typically would not be able to do with letterpress. We plan to do a number of designs for this line and will post them as we complete them.

As we try new ideas, we certainly welcome any feedback!

Our bold chevron pattern.

Our crazy candy cane chevron. Colors can be customized to any that you pick.



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Our Swarovski Crystal Spider Halloween Card

Happy Halloween!

We just finished flat printing our crystal spider cards. The design is rather minimal, but for a little bling, we added a black Swarovski crystal to the spider. That little detail really makes it pop.
So, basically, after we finished drawing the design and flat printing the card, we used tweezers and clear drying craft glue to hand attach each crystal to each card. Doing a detail like this doesn’t require lots of materials, but it does require lots of patience!
At the beginning of October we plan to take this design to letterpress. We think it is going to be really amazing in letterpress with crystal. We’ll post a photo of that too, when it is finished.

A detail shot of the spider and crystal.

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Our set of antique New York City borough cards

Our Brooklyn borough card.

We thought it would be fun to do cards and coasters for all the boroughs in New York City. Being from Brooklyn, we started on that one first. We found some great old maps of the boroughs dating to the 1880s. We loved them so much that we redrew some of the images for our cards. So far, we have Brooklyn and Queens drawn and printed on flat greeting cards. We hope to finish up the Bronx, Manhattan and Staten Island in the near future. We also plan to get plates made of each of these designs in order to make letterpress coasters from them. We think they would make great gift sets. These cards can be purchased in our Etsy store.



Our Queens greeting card.

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Experimenting with Swarovski crystals on our wedding invitations

Experimenting with crystals on our Lyndhurst wedding invitation design.

We’ve been working with Swarovski crystals on our wedding invitations to add a little extra sparkle! Obviously, crystals and shiny stuff are the first things you think of when you hear the word “wedding.” After love and commitment, of course. Take a look at some of the photos below  – we’ll be posting more photos as we order and experiment with different colors and sizes.


A close up of our Lyndhust design. We are experimenting on flat printed cards. Once we have our crystal patterns set, we look forward to seeing them come to life on our letterpress versions of these wedding invitations.

A close up of our Mayfair invitation.

A close up of our Venice wedding invitation.


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A Card for the Anglophile

We love England!

As we might have mentioned before, many of our designs are based on our travels. While the British might not be know for their lovely weather, they can certainly lay claim to one of the most amazing looking flags, as well as one of our most favorite dogs, the English Bulldog! These folded note cards are perfect for anyone who loves England as much as we do. Check back soon to see all the other countries we plan to celebrate!


Our English Bulldog meets Union Jack card.

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One of our recent flat print cards.

We’re loving polka dots and we’re not the only ones…check out this slideshow from the NY Times style section. Above is a picture of one of our recent personal stationery jobs.

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