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Our Naughty Letterpress Christmas Card & Free Printable Christmas Card to Download

Our Naughty and Fun Letterpress Christmas Coal Cards.

At Pressed we like to have a sense of humor about our designs. With that in mind, we letterpressed these naughty, Christmas coal cards. Based on a Victorian coal illustration, we spiced it up a little with the addition of a red bow and the word “Naughty.” On the inside, the card reads, “But it sure was fun! Merry Christmas.” This card actually required quite a bit of effort. Two runs through the press for the red and black on the outside and a third run through the press for the text on the inside. We think it was all worth it though! We have them for purchase in our Etsy shop.

A detail of the coal illustration on the front of the card.

Funny note inside the card.

And as a thank you to everyone who as shown us so much support over the last year, we have another FREE holiday card printable. Just click here to go to our website where you can download it. This card features the word “Merry Christmas” in a red and in a very ornate font. To add a little extra bling we added three Swarovski crystals in hot pink (you can purchase them from this site). We matched that with a hot pink envelope. Typically red is matched with green…however, we wanted to change things up a little by adding hot pink with the red instead. With think the combo looks pretty good! Again, this card is also 4.25×5.5  inches and will require an A2 envelope.

Our FREE Christmas card printable. We added three Swarovski crystals for a little extra sparkle.

Enjoy and Happy Holidays!

– Caroline & Stephanie,



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Our Gold Letterpress Chanukkah Cards: Inspired by the Architecture of Eero Saarinen

Our Gold Letterpress Chanukkah Card.

Last night we went to press to print our holiday cards. First up, our gold, letterpress Chanukkah card. We are so excited with how it turned out. We already have them up for purchase in our Etsy store.

As inspiration we used the architecture of Eero Saarinen. Especially, the Gateway Arch and it’s clean and beautiful lines. We also wanted to do a card that was a little different, with an uneven cut and a surprise when it is opened.

On the outside, the pattern looks like an abstract dot design.

But when you open it up, you can see the dots are actually part of a Menorah.

A detail of the Menorah.

And, as promised, here is a link to our FREE, Chanukkah card printable. You can just download the PDF and it is all set to print with crop marks. The cards measure 4.25×5.5 inches so you will need an A2 size envelope. We printed ours on 92lb Savoy paper. It is a rather simple design, so for a little added sparkle, we added a single Swarovski crystal to the star. You can purchase Swarovski flatback crystals on many online shops, like this one. Also, you will notice we spell Chanukkah with an “Ch” or an “H”. We spent quite a bit of time looking this up and it seems either way is fine.

Our FREE Hanukkah card printable. We spiced it up with the addition of a Swarovski crystal and added a grey envelope for contrast.

Happy holidays everyone!

– Caroline & Stephanie,

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