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Spoonflower – Create Your Own Custom Fabrics!

Beautiful fabrics at Spoonflower. Can’t wait to make our own based on our designs!

Here at Pressed we’ve fallen in love with a new site! Spoonflower is a site for custom fabrics – creating your own or buying other’s designs. You can search fabrics by colors, or “tags”, which is good since there are hundreds of pages of really awesome fabrics. Sizes are Test Swatch size (8″x8″), Fat Quarter (21″ x 18″) or by the yard. Any fabric can be printed on one of the following fabric types. Not sure which you want to use? Just order a swatch book for only a dollar!

  • Basic Combed Cotton: $17.50/yard ($15.75 with designer discount)
    • 100% combed cotton fabric, made from ring-spun yarn
  • NEW* Kona® Cotton: Premium Quilting Weight: $18/yd ($16.20 with designer discount)
    • 100% cotton fabric with a soft hand, easy to sew
  • Cotton Poplin: $20/yard ($18 with designer discount)
    • 100% cotton fabric
  • Cotton Voile: $24/yard ($21.60 with designer discount)
    • Semi-transparent 100% combed cotton fabric, with a delicate, gauzy texture.
  • Cotton Silk: $27/yard ($24.30 with designer discount)
    • 55% cotton / 45% silk fabric with a soft sheen on the printed side
  • Linen-Cotton Canvas: $27/yard ($24.30 with designer discount)
    • Sophisticated light-weight canvas woven from 55% linen and 45% combed cotton.
  • Organic Cotton Interlock Knit: $27/yard ($24.30 with designer discount)
    • Very soft, natural off-white knit, made from 100% organic cotton.
  • Organic Cotton Sateen: $27/yard ($24.30 with designer discount)
    • 100% organic cotton sateen with a glossy finish and soft hand
  • Heavy Cotton Twill: $32/yard ($28.80 with designer discount)
    • Sturdy 100% cotton twill with an optic white finish.
  • Silk Crepe de Chine: $38/yard ($34.20 pr/yd with designer discount)
    • Semi-sheer 100% silk with a delicate texture and beautiful drape.

So far we’ve only ordered fabrics but we’re really looking forward to creating some of our own designs and having them printed. Acceptable formats for uploading your design: TIF, JPG, PNG, GIF, A1, EPS, SVG. Note, all files must be less than 40 MB.

– Caroline,


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Frugal Finds – great design doesn’t always have to break the bank

Gorgeous and affordable design ideas from Frugal Finds.

A great blog to check out is Frugal Finds. Most of the posts are about design elements for your house or apartment, but occasionally there are posts on accessories. They check out tons of sites and post about the best finds to beautify your living space without breaking the bank. You get info on great deals, some sneak peeks at the blogger’s own apartment and, on occasion, a really cute cat photo 🙂

So, be sure to take a peek and while you are looking for good deals, don’t forget to check out our FREE LETTERPRESS WEDDING INVITE GIVEAWAY!

– Caroline,

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Shopping at Dosa 818 in Los Angeles…and the perfect dress for a garden wedding.

Mexican paper art installation at Dosa.

Part art gallery, part store, Dosa 818 is located in downtown Los Angeles. Owned by designer Christina Kim, this stunning loft space houses her jewelry, textiles and home furnishings, as well as hand made items from other designers throughout the world. I spent the afternoon here and I strongly suggest that anyone else visiting LA do the same. It really is perfectly curated and the items are constantly changing. To see this space, an appointment must be made. You can call 213.489.5901 to set one up. There is also a store in NYC at 107 Thompson Street. I will absolutely be checking it out as soon as I get home.

Also, on a side note, I have to say, the natural light in this space is perfection. In fact, I would have to say that Los Angeles is like one giant light box with the most amazing lighting. We have to take photos of all of our letterpress cards and it is an absolute struggle. First, because I am a pretty poor photographer. Second, because the light in my apartment in Brooklyn just doesn’t seem to lend itself to good photos. In LA, I don’t know what it is, but the lighting in my photos looks lovely and I don’t even touch anything in photoshop. Why is this? Wish I had known, I would have brought all my cards to photo…oh well, just means I need to come back!

Also, don’t forget to check out our FREE LETTERPRESS WEDDING INVITE GIVEAWAY!

– Stephanie,

Fell in love with this dress. It would be perfect for a garden or beach wedding.

Clothes at Dosa.

Love these necklaces and bracelets by Christina Kim. So I just had to buy one for myself, you know, because I need a souvenir and this is so much better than a magnet!

A camouflage bag and belt with delicate beading. I liked the contrast of the rough camo fabric with the unexpected bead work.

A room showing some of Dosa's house wares. I could very happily furnish my apartment from here.

Gorgeous hand made cabinets from re-claimed wooden doors. I want these!

These pretty bracelets are made from scraps of fabric by a collective of women in India.

A wall hanging by Christina Kim. It is made of gauze and the shimmer is from small circles of mica. This was stunning, would give anything to have it on my wall!

A detail from the wall hanging.

Pieces from the Oaxacan artist, Francisco Toledo. Las plantas de los pies de Toledo are cut from mica using a pattern made by tracing his own feet. The delicate mica pieces were then hand sewn together.

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Antique (wedding?) Dresses from Alexandre Vassiliev’s Venetian Dream

Stunning bead work.

Ok, I know I just wrote a quick post on modern wedding dresses for the non-traditional bride, I know I had the intention to take photos of one of our latest letterpress cards, I know I intended to get dressed and go check out the jewelry at the antique stores here in Mullica Hill, New Jersey, but I just had to post these dresses first. They are stunning! They can be found at a recently opened exhibition at Venice’s Palazzo Mocenigo, which looks at Russian influence on fashion and style in the early 1900’s.

When I was getting married, I kind of thought about wearing a vintage or even antique dress. The hand made details, the character… I did look around some, but I have to say, these dresses are typically TINY. I, myself, am not. At 5’9 these dresses would be indecent on me, that is if I could even get them past my hips, let alone closed. I can’t imagine women were much past 5’0 back in the day, when these dresses were created.

Anyway, these dresses are from an exhibit that I want to see, badly. Unfortunately, I am in New Jersey at the moment and these dresses are in Venice. I also can’t get over the beautiful and highly ornate interior of the exhibition space. How do I get an apartment like that?

Enjoy the photos, if you happen to be in Venice, check out the exhibit for me. Perhaps, these dresses will even inspire you to consider going antique for your own wedding.

You can see the full post with even more information and photos at zoot magazine.

– Stephanie,


A full view of the dress in the first photo.

Beautiful evening dresses. These look a little "newer" to me, maybe more 1920s, flapper era. I love the fashion and design of the Art Deco era.

And one more...



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Just a few chairs…

Pascal modeling on the Hans Wegner Bull Chair.

So, I thought maybe I would do a post on some chairs that I find interesting…actually I can’t really take the credit for that. My husband is the one who introduced me to them, but I can take credit for introducing him to Pascal!

– Stephanie

The Flag Halyard chair, also from Hans Wegner.

Hans Wegner’s Flag Halyard chair’s surfaces are made of plaited flag halyard with the longhaired sheepskin softening the industrial sharpness of the steel and adding comfort.

The story behind the design is that the shape of the chair’s seat was conceived during a family holiday in Ă…rhus, Denmark. The family spent many days on the beach, and using sand Wegner spent a lot of time there experimenting with the shape of the seat.

The PK20 chair by Poul Kjaerholm.

The original idea for the PK20 was to use spare leather strips from the production of other leather furniture in order to optimize production. Due to the diversity of the leather strips, the idea was rejected and today, only the finest leather strips are used. The low back version of the PK20 is included in the permanent collection at the Victoria and Albert Museum in London.

The Baby Chair by Nanna Ditzel. (photo from

I first spotted this great little high chair at Baxter & Liebchen, a furniture store in Dumbo, Brooklyn. I know, it doesn’t look all that comfortable for a little baby to sit in…but it just looks so amazing. Besides, life is not always about comfort, although that might be hard to explain to a crying baby! Anyway, Apartment Therapy featured this high chair a little while back. You can read more about it here.


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Could it be? Inspirational art in a New York City subway stop?

A beautiful floral mosaic.

I Never Thought I’d Say This But…I think the MTA actually deserves a compliment. I know, I know, if you live in NYC you know how absurd this sounds but I had a nice little surprise today. I took the Q train to Avenue U and East 16th street today which I never do and saw the nicest tile murals in the stairway. Take a look at these great flower designs. A number of Q Train stations have been undergoing renovations for a while now and it was nice to see how great a completed one looks. Let’s hope they all end up looking this good (and that we don’t end up with a fare increase to pay for it.)

– Caroline

Another one.

And one more...


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Morning Stroll

A couple mornings ago, I took a walk with my lovely assistant, Pascal the French Bulldog. The trees were starting to sprout buds, the flowers to bloom, the birds to sing and the cats to scream, hiss and screech in the backyard as they commence their spring mating rituals. Truly, magic is in the air.

Although I have lived in Brooklyn for a number of years now, I still never tire of looking up at all the beautiful architecture I am fortunate enough to be surrounded by every day. It has always been a constant source of design inspiration. Don’t be surprised if you see some of these motifs popping up in our designs at Pressed.

– Stephanie

The entrance to a grand old apartment building.

Close up of a detail from a brownstone.

Detail from an apartment building entrance.

My beautiful assistant, Pascal the French Bulldog.

Detail of stairway in my hallway.

Detail of wall decoration inside my hallway.

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