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The Blossom Chandelier

For years now, I have been absolutely in love with the Blossom Chandelier by designer Tord Boontje. Of the many fantasies I have, one of them is seeing this gorgeous lighting fixture above my dining room table…although the contrast between it and my banged up old ikea cabinet would be quite shameful. I first saw it not long after I moved to New York and have been lusting over it for the past 9 years. I suppose my husband has taken note of this because he has promised to buy me either this chandelier or a new BMW for my birthday, since they are roughly the same price. That’s right, he will do this after he comes home early from work, riding a unicorn while leading a parade, with full marching band, in my honor. (Sigh) like I said, many fantasies…

– Stephanie

This image is from Elle Decor.

A close-up shot of the Blossom Chandelier.


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