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Free Letterpress Wedding Invitation Give Away!

Our Lyndhurst design on a Valentine card.

Pressed is having a contest for the best “how we met” story. The winner will receive 20 letterpress wedding invitations, including RSVP cards, printed on 118lb tree-free paper. To enter please send us a short description of how you met and fell in love.

The suite we are currently giving away is our Lyndhurst suite, which can be made with any of the cameo designs shown on this page. You can see this design used in a wedding suite, here. If you need more than 20 invitations, additional invites can be purchased.

The contest ends on September 19th so please be sure to have all entries emailed to Caroline by the 19th. You can find her email here. We will post the winning story on our blog on September 23rd. Also, anyone who enters will receive 5% off of any wedding suite they order from us. You can see our full list of our wedding designs here.

We are in the process of printing all of our new wedding suites and photographing them for our website, so the winner should be ok with their printed invitation being displayed on our site. Stay tuned, as we get ready to print each of our wedding suites, we will be having more give aways!


Another version of our Lyndhurst design.

One more version.



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Inspired to make a pie chart fun!

If only all pie charts were this exciting!

For many years I worked at a financial company, designing and editing financial reports, drawing I don’t know how many millions of pie charts, fever charts and bar charts. Over and over, showing profit, loss, amount of product sold…I could go on and on. However, at Pressed, we are free to take the stale, old pie chart and add some excitement to it! You can see the result in these photos. I bet all of you are excited to see what we have in store for the boring, old fever chart 🙂 We hand printed these letter press cards on a Vandercook, which reminds me…we plan to do a print run this Friday, we will post photos of what goes into making these cards. They are all hand-made, printed individually and very much a labor of love.

–  Stephanie,

A close up shot.

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