More Vintage Design Inspiration – Album Covers

Wonder what Beethoven would think of this album cover...

So, I’m not the only one in this household who likes to bring home random finds. A little while back, my husband came home with these old records. I have no idea where he found them. Right now we just have them sitting on our bookshelf. I would love to get a record player so that we could actually listen to them. Maybe one day… Anyway, just thought I would post some photos of them for a little more vintage design inspiration.

– Stephanie,

Love this illustration.

The back of the album.

The diagonal lines give this a very late 70s or early 80s vibe.

A very psychedelic Vivaldi!

I really like this one...

Memories...this was HUGE when I was kid.



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Vintage 1960s Design Inspiration – from the USA and former USSR

I love this photo from a 1960s Life magazine. The story is about finding a cure for cancer. The way in which this photo is taken makes it look like a painting to me. It reminds me of a certain artist's work...I just can't put my finger on it at the moment.

Last week I took Pascal on his morning walk. As I rounded the corner, I noticed a pile of old magazines just sitting, forlorn, on the sidewalk. Around Park Slope, people often just leave items on the sidewalk for anyone to take. So, I just had to grab them. It was an odd mix of Life magazines and communist themed magazines from the 1960s. Once I got home, I leafed through them and was completely taken by the beautiful photos and the simple and elegant page layouts. So, following are some of my favorites. Part of me wants to tear these magazines up and try my hand at collage making, part of me wants to take the photos out, as is, and frame them, then the other part of me wants to leave these magazines exactly as is. What to do?! Anyway, just thought I would share my find and pass on the inspiration!

– Stephanie,

A photo of Russian farmers. With all the grains making a dot pattern, this one reminds me of some paintings by Seurat.

I love the clean simplicity of this layout form USSR Soviet Life Today, circa 1962.

Beach time, Russian style! I love how the woman in the middle is still, basking in the warmth of the sun, separate from and oblivious to the the crowd.

A super trippy 1960s ad.

The Russian car of the future. I would love to have this, it could totally fit into just about any street parking spot.

I'm sorry, I will NOT be able to attend your dinner party...
One thing that has certainly improved is food staging and food photography. This just looks rough.

A very real fear of the time. It reminds me of all the old signs I see around NYC about buildings that contain fallout shelters.

Another great layout.

A story concerning flooding in Florence, Italy. It was very sad to see all the photos of art that was destroyed.

Another photo from the Life magazine story on finding a cure for cancer.

Jackie and Robert Kennedy from Life magazine.

Vintage ad for fur.

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Stork, a baby boutique in Brooklyn is now selling our cards – along with the cutest baby shoes ever!


Hand-made baby shoes that I bought for my best friend's little boy.

Recently, Eyana, the owner of Stork, a new baby boutique here in Brooklyn, contacted us about our line of cards. We were so excited that she found us and couldn’t wait to partner up with her and check out her shop. So, last night we stopped by with our first delivery. She was interested in a couple of our baby-themed cards and we also modified some of our cards for her as well. In the near future we plan to start producing a line of letterpress baby shower invites and baby announcements, which we also plan to partner on with Stork.

As soon as we stepped inside the shop, we fell in love with nearly everything she had. Many of the items she carries in her shop are made in Brooklyn, or they are hand-made. It was pretty obvious that Caroline and I wanted to go on a spending spree, but we managed some restraint! Caroline purchased an adorable little onesie for her niece that has a kimono tie in front. I purchased these amazing, hand-made leather shoes for my best friend’s son as well as a cute little onesie with a big moon on it…or as I like to think of it, a huge wheel of cheese…since most typically my best friend and I can be found sipping wine and partaking in a cheese frenzy everytime see each other!

Stork is located at 726 Franklin Avenue, between Sterling and Park. It is rather close to the Brooklyn Children’s Museum, so take a weekend, bring your little ones to the museum and stop by Stork to check out all of the amazing items! To top it off, right across the street is a sweet little candy shop and ice cream parlor, The Candy Rush. Bring the kids there afterward to give them the sugar high of a lifetime!

– Stephanie & Caroline,


The store front.


HaHa, love this little shirt.


Inside the shop.


Too cute!


Our cards!


Cute animal bags.


A kimono inspired onesie.


Love these patterns!


The moon/cheese onesie I bought for my friend.


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Our Cards Now Sold at By Brooklyn, a shop in Carroll Gardens!

Our Brooklyn card, on display at By Brooklyn.

Recently, the ladies of By Brooklyn contacted us about selling our line of cards. We are so excited that they found us and we are absolutely thrilled to have our cards now being sold in a store. We stopped by there to meet them, and we fell in love with the shop. Everything they sell is made in Brooklyn. From adorable baby clothes, to chocolate, to slate cheese plates, to gorgeous jewelry, this place has it all. One could do some serious damage in the candy section of this shop!

You can check out their website and for those of you who can’t make it to Brooklyn, you can visit their online shop. You can also read about their upcoming events on their blog. By Brooklyn is located at 261 Smith Street, be sure to check it out!


– Caroline & Stephanie,

Brooklyn made candy and chocolate.

Yep, I'm an addict...

Slate coasters and cheese platters.

For baby.

Beautiful jewelry.


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Love these Engagement Rings by Hannah Clark in NYC

Beautiful rings from Hannah Clark. Her shop is located in Manhattan's East Village.

Last weekend, my husband and I were wandering around the East Village and quite by chance we came across Hannah Clark’s shop. Glancing through the windows and seeing the lovely jewelry and charming ambiance, we couldn’t help but take a look inside. All of her jewelry was perfection, but I particularly liked the Clay 6-prong ring. He rings all had a character and texture to them that I have not really seen elsewhere.

Hannah uses a number of different techniques when crafting her jewelry, some ancient and traditional, some completely improvisational. She describes her work as a sort of mini-sculpture as she carves, molds and shapes wax and other materials to make the original model. After that she makes a mold and casts the final pieces in various metals. She often works with antique diamonds and you can tell. Her stones really have a lovely depth and color to them. She also works with her clients to help them select the perfect stone for their special rings.

You can check out her blog or website or, better yet, check out her store at 60 E. 4th St. New York, NY. She has many beautiful pieces to see other than her amazing engagement and wedding rings. Her email is

Also, don’t forget to check out or latest FREE LETTERPRESS WEDDING INVITE GIVEAWAY!

– Stephanie,

Beautiful heart ring.

My favorite, the Clay 6-prong ring.

Love this starburst pattern.

Pretty 4-prong rings.

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New Letterpress Wedding Invite Giveway & Winner Announcement!

Our next giveaway is perfect for Spring! Our Orleans design, based on the wood inlay on a piece of 18th century French furniture.

First off, a big thank you to everyone who entered our competition! We continue to be thankful for all the support we have gotten as we start out and grow our letterpress business.

Second, to everyone else who entered our contest, don’t despair, WE ARE HAVING ANOTHER GIVEAWAY!!! So, please re-enter. To enter the giveaway please email your name to caroline@pressedinbrooklyn. In fact, we will be having quite a few giveaways as we need to letterpress all of our designs for samples.

Third, we have a winner. Congratulations,  EMMA & MIKE. We look forward to creating beautiful invitations for your special day!

This time round, we are offering our Orleans design. Perfect for Spring, it is named for and inspired by the intricate wood inlay work on a beautiful piece of 18th century French furniture. Same as last time, we will be giving away 20 free letterpress invitations and 20 free letterpress RSVP cards. Envelopes will not be included. However, we will provide you with the dimensions and a link to where you can purchase matching envelopes. We plan to letterpress this invitation on bright white, 118lb Savoy paper. We are not exactly set on color yet, although we think the pink and grey combo is lovely. We are also not completely decided on font yet either, although the ornate script does look very nice. Also, same as before, the invites and RSVP cards are totally FREE, the only cost will be shipping. The only catch? You need to be ok with us photographing the invitations for use on our site. Of course, if you require more than 20 of each item, you can certainly purchase more.

The deadline for entering this giveaway is April 13th and we will announce a winner on April 18th. We will go to press at the end of April, so the winner will receive their invites by early to mid-May.

– Caroline & Stephanie,

Our Orleans invitation in flat print. We can't wait to see it in letterpress!

A detail of the RSVP card.

Our Orleans design, letterpressed on notecards.


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Letterpress Coasters with Monogram and Custom Drawn Font

Custom coasters letterpressed on our 236lb Savoy paper using grey ink and our Toyokoro pattern.

We recently completed a job for a client. She requested our custom monogram coasters using our Toyokoro pattern. We love this pattern, based on antique Japanese kimono patterns, it has a timeless quality to it. Here at Pressed, we just can’t get enough of Japanese design. She also requested stationery with the letter “B” on it. This letter comes from a line of fonts that we have created and hand drawn. We only have a few letters drawn so far, but are slowly working our way through the alphabet.

Also, only a couple more days left to enter our  FREE LETTERPRESS WEDDING INVITATION GIVE AWAY!

– Caroline & Stephanie,

Our custom font...have yet to decide on a name for it.

A detail of the letter "B" font.

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