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Sculptures in Porcelain by Rachel Kneebone – on view at the Brooklyn Museum

RACHEL KNEEBONE ‘Shield IV’, 2010. Porcelain. Photo: Stephen White

A few weeks ago, a good friend came to Brooklyn for a visit. It was a beautiful day out so we walked the loop in Prospect Park and then stopped by the Brooklyn Museum. It really is a wonderful museum, I can’t say enough about it, and I think my friend was quite impressed, too. Among the many stunning exhibits, one in particular stood out to both of us, the art of Rachel Kneebone. A British artist, who works from London, she is particularly known for her finely sculpted porcelain pieces that often contain tangles of body parts.

Until August 12, 2012, the Brooklyn Museum has some of her pieces on display in an exhibit called Rachel Kneebone: Regarding Rodin. Certainly worth checking out as the photos below do her work no justice. The amount of detail, especially in the piece ‘The Descent’, really needs to be witnessed in person in order to gain a full appreciation.

I suppose what really captured my attention is the way in which Kneebone uses a very traditional and elegant material, such as porcelain, in a very unexpected way. For me, when I see her work, I think of Italian porcelain sculpture from the 18th century. However, the subject matter is quite different from that which Kneebone is depicting. In this way, for me, her work is also connected to that of Inge Jacobson, in that it is also a traditional art form used in a modern context.

– Stephanie, www.pressedinbrooklyn.com

‘The Paradise of Dispair’ and ‘The Descent’, both on display at the Brooklyn Museum.

For comparison: Centerpiece, ca. 1775–80, Italian; Cozzi factory, Hard-paste porcelain. From the Metropolitan Museum of Art.


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Embroidery by Inge Jacobsen – a traditional art form used in a modern context

A Burberry ad with a detail in embroidery by Inge Jacobsen.

This last weekend, my husband and I took a walk down Rodeo Drive. We spotted a Georg Jensen store and decided to take a look. As some of you might have already read on this blog, I am quite a fan of the jewelry at Georg Jensen. While we looked around, I noticed some of the Georg Jensen ads from this past year, but with the difference that they were entirely done in embroidery. I fell in love. To see a traditional art form like embroidery used in a non-traditional way was rather unexpected. My mother does embroidery and has for years. However, the pieces she works on are much more old-school and tend to lean toward florals or birds. To see this medium used for high-fashion was very inspirational. I always love to see a contrast between old and new, traditional and modern, whether that be in art or architecture, and Inge Jacobsen manages this mix effortlessly. How amazing would it be to have a portrait of my French Bulldog, Pascal, done in embroidery!

So below are some of the images she created for Georg Jensen, both the original image and her embroidery versions. You can check out her work on her website, or her facebook page, or her blog.

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– Stephanie, www.pressedinbrooklyn.com

A Georg Jensen ad. On one of my favorite chairs.

The Inge Jacobsen embroidery version of the above ad.

Another image for the ad campaign.

The Inge Jacobsen version.

She also does magazine covers, this one is of Beyonce. Here the embroidery has a slightly unfinished and rough feel.

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Shopping at Dosa 818 in Los Angeles…and the perfect dress for a garden wedding.

Mexican paper art installation at Dosa.

Part art gallery, part store, Dosa 818 is located in downtown Los Angeles. Owned by designer Christina Kim, this stunning loft space houses her jewelry, textiles and home furnishings, as well as hand made items from other designers throughout the world. I spent the afternoon here and I strongly suggest that anyone else visiting LA do the same. It really is perfectly curated and the items are constantly changing. To see this space, an appointment must be made. You can call 213.489.5901 to set one up. There is also a store in NYC at 107 Thompson Street. I will absolutely be checking it out as soon as I get home.

Also, on a side note, I have to say, the natural light in this space is perfection. In fact, I would have to say that Los Angeles is like one giant light box with the most amazing lighting. We have to take photos of all of our letterpress cards and it is an absolute struggle. First, because I am a pretty poor photographer. Second, because the light in my apartment in Brooklyn just doesn’t seem to lend itself to good photos. In LA, I don’t know what it is, but the lighting in my photos looks lovely and I don’t even touch anything in photoshop. Why is this? Wish I had known, I would have brought all my cards to photo…oh well, just means I need to come back!

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– Stephanie, www.pressedinbrooklyn.com

Fell in love with this dress. It would be perfect for a garden or beach wedding.

Clothes at Dosa.

Love these necklaces and bracelets by Christina Kim. So I just had to buy one for myself, you know, because I need a souvenir and this is so much better than a magnet!

A camouflage bag and belt with delicate beading. I liked the contrast of the rough camo fabric with the unexpected bead work.

A room showing some of Dosa's house wares. I could very happily furnish my apartment from here.

Gorgeous hand made cabinets from re-claimed wooden doors. I want these!

These pretty bracelets are made from scraps of fabric by a collective of women in India.

A wall hanging by Christina Kim. It is made of gauze and the shimmer is from small circles of mica. This was stunning, would give anything to have it on my wall!

A detail from the wall hanging.

Pieces from the Oaxacan artist, Francisco Toledo. Las plantas de los pies de Toledo are cut from mica using a pattern made by tracing his own feet. The delicate mica pieces were then hand sewn together.

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A memorial to Michael Jackson and Bubbles – an afternoon at LACMA

Michael Jackson and his companion, Bubbles the chimp. A dazzling memorial in gold! Ceramic by Jeff Koons.

On Saturday, my husband and I explored LA a little more. One of our stops was LACMA, the Los Angeles County Museum of Art. A great museum. Currently they have an exhibit, California Designs,  that is certainly worth checking out. Looking at all the mid-century design was inspirational and gave a small window into the ideas and concerns facing the people of that age. Of particular note to me was the board game on display, “Boom, or the Golden Age.”

Boom! or the Golden Age...Endorsed by Atomic Scientists!

At this point in time, the threat of nuclear war was certainly on the minds of people in the Unites States. I suppose what really got me was the fun and innocent way in which this whole concept was presented on a board game, with a Leave-It-To-Beaveresque young woman smiling on the cover.  To see the the very real fears of the era, juxtaposed with the glossy and prim varnish common of this time period, was perhaps one of the more eye-opening parts of this exhibit for me.

Following are a few more photos from our trip there.

– Stephanie, www.pressedinbrooklyn.com

St. John the Baptist by Jeff Koons.

Louis by Jeff Koons.

A rather uncomfortable looking bed by Robert Therrien.

This large race track (Metropolis II) reminds me of LA traffic, except it moves faster.

Another view of the race track.

It was huge and watching it was hypnotic.

A view of the city from the roof.

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