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Our Antique French Letterpress Wedding Invitations

Our Avignon design in letterpress

This Saturday we letterpressed the invitations for our first contest winner! We are so excited with the way these invitations turned out. The design is classic and simple, so very French. The design is, in fact, inspired by an antique French pharmacy tin. We believe there are sources of beautiful design inspiration all around us…we just have to keep our eyes open!

Our neighbors have beautiful lavender flowers growing all through their back yard, of which they were happy to let us cut some!

This invitation measures 6.25×6.25 inches. Here we printed it on our ultra-lush, 236lb, brilliant white, Savoy paper. This stuff is amazing! We can’t wait to print our next round of invitations!


– Caroline & Stephanie, www.pressedinbrooklyn.com

This design can also be made more rustic with the addition of twine and a kraft paper envelope.

The RSVP card. This paper is so thick, it makes for an amazing, super crisp and deep impression.

A detail of the super-crisp text.

One more shot of the RSVP card, paired with metallic silver envelopes.


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Stork, a baby boutique in Brooklyn is now selling our cards – along with the cutest baby shoes ever!


Hand-made baby shoes that I bought for my best friend's little boy.

Recently, Eyana, the owner of Stork, a new baby boutique here in Brooklyn, contacted us about our line of cards. We were so excited that she found us and couldn’t wait to partner up with her and check out her shop. So, last night we stopped by with our first delivery. She was interested in a couple of our baby-themed cards and we also modified some of our cards for her as well. In the near future we plan to start producing a line of letterpress baby shower invites and baby announcements, which we also plan to partner on with Stork.

As soon as we stepped inside the shop, we fell in love with nearly everything she had. Many of the items she carries in her shop are made in Brooklyn, or they are hand-made. It was pretty obvious that Caroline and I wanted to go on a spending spree, but we managed some restraint! Caroline purchased an adorable little onesie for her niece that has a kimono tie in front. I purchased these amazing, hand-made leather shoes for my best friend’s son as well as a cute little onesie with a big moon on it…or as I like to think of it, a huge wheel of cheese…since most typically my best friend and I can be found sipping wine and partaking in a cheese frenzy everytime see each other!

Stork is located at 726 Franklin Avenue, between Sterling and Park. It is rather close to the Brooklyn Children’s Museum, so take a weekend, bring your little ones to the museum and stop by Stork to check out all of the amazing items! To top it off, right across the street is a sweet little candy shop and ice cream parlor, The Candy Rush. Bring the kids there afterward to give them the sugar high of a lifetime!

– Stephanie & Caroline, www.pressedinbrooklyn.com


The store front.


HaHa, love this little shirt.


Inside the shop.


Too cute!


Our cards!


Cute animal bags.


A kimono inspired onesie.


Love these patterns!


The moon/cheese onesie I bought for my friend.


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Erie Basin Has Another Gorgeous Antique Cluster Engagement Ring!

Another 1900s Edwardian Diamond Cluster Ring at Erie Basin in Brooklyn. For sale for $4750.

A few months back I did a post on one of my favorite shops in Brooklyn, Erie Basin. I was just checking their site today and saw, they have another beautiful antique cluster ring for sale. You can see it here. Contact them to see if it is still available!


– Stephanie, www.pressedinbrooklyn.com

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Could it be? Inspirational art in a New York City subway stop?

A beautiful floral mosaic.

I Never Thought I’d Say This But…I think the MTA actually deserves a compliment. I know, I know, if you live in NYC you know how absurd this sounds but I had a nice little surprise today. I took the Q train to Avenue U and East 16th street today which I never do and saw the nicest tile murals in the stairway. Take a look at these great flower designs. A number of Q Train stations have been undergoing renovations for a while now and it was nice to see how great a completed one looks. Let’s hope they all end up looking this good (and that we don’t end up with a fare increase to pay for it.)

– Caroline

Another one.

And one more...


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Morning Stroll

A couple mornings ago, I took a walk with my lovely assistant, Pascal the French Bulldog. The trees were starting to sprout buds, the flowers to bloom, the birds to sing and the cats to scream, hiss and screech in the backyard as they commence their spring mating rituals. Truly, magic is in the air.

Although I have lived in Brooklyn for a number of years now, I still never tire of looking up at all the beautiful architecture I am fortunate enough to be surrounded by every day. It has always been a constant source of design inspiration. Don’t be surprised if you see some of these motifs popping up in our designs at Pressed.

– Stephanie

The entrance to a grand old apartment building.

Close up of a detail from a brownstone.

Detail from an apartment building entrance.

My beautiful assistant, Pascal the French Bulldog.

Detail of stairway in my hallway.

Detail of wall decoration inside my hallway.

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