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It’s Alive!

Finally, FINALLY we have our letterpress up and running! Nearly three months to the date after we found him on ebay. He has been pretty cranky about being brought out of retirement, but Caroline was able to persuade him into helping us get a project done and meet our deadline. We finally got our rollers at the beginning of the week, but alas, they were too big! After Caroline tried to perform rudimentary surgery on these things using only a hacksaw and a prayer, her father was nice enough to lend us a hand and professionally cut them to size.

So, on Wednesday night, Caroline had the chance to get acquainted with our letterpress and, as she tells it, he was pretty anti-social at first! However, he warmed up to her eventually and she was able to print the beautiful cards we have below. Stay tuned for pictures of Caroline’s arm. The press put up quite a struggle, so in a couple months time we think Caroline will have an amazing looking, totally ripped arm from pulling the letterpress lever so many times, arm (not arms) being the key word here!

A set of stationery we printed as wedding gifts for a client.

A detail of the stationery.

Another detail shot.

We packaged the stationery with the ribbon and our tag inside the box so that the client could wrap the box with wrapping paper of her choice.

We wrapped up a few extra cards for our friends.

We printed three different colors of this card, here is the deep pink color.

Here is a picture of how the plate looks on our letterpress, before it has ink on it.


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Our first job!

So, this week we sent out our first letterpress personal stationery! Below are some pictures of how we packaged it. It was so wonderful to see all of our efforts come together on a beautiful finished project. I suppose we had some fantasies about starting our own business. Dreams of sitting at a computer and drawing all day or spending time with the letterpress, mixing vibrant colors and experimenting with new types of paper. However, after spending hours doing cost comparisons of different types of paper, working with tons of vendors to find packaging and struggling to find rollers and other parts to our ancient machine, it is very exciting to finally see what all the background work led up to.  🙂

Our gift box for personal stationery.

Our gift box and the first cards we pressed.

A shot of how the cards are packaged inside the gift box.

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