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Our Word Find, Any Occasion Letterpress Card – circle words that work for you

Circle what ever words fit the occasion.

So, we came up with an idea for a letterpress card that fits any occasion. Great to have around the house for people who need a card at the last minute. Some of the words and phrases that can be found and circled include: Happy Birthday, Congratulations on Your Wedding, Congratulations on Your Baby Boy, Congratulations on Your Baby Girl, Get Well Soon and I Love you…among many others.

Feel free to make up your own sayings! Some of our favorites include: Best Lover Ever, I Love Your Boyfriend, Sorry I Missed Your Wedding and Congratulations on Your New Boyfriend! (ok so maybe you wouldn’t give a friend a card to tell them you are in love with their boyfriend. But just in case…) You can purchase the card in our Etsy Store.

To see more of our cards, check out our website pressedinbrooklyn.com.

A close up. You can see the words Boyfriend, Valentines, Husband, Engagement and Voyage, if you look close.


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Our first job!

So, this week we sent out our first letterpress personal stationery! Below are some pictures of how we packaged it. It was so wonderful to see all of our efforts come together on a beautiful finished project. I suppose we had some fantasies about starting our own business. Dreams of sitting at a computer and drawing all day or spending time with the letterpress, mixing vibrant colors and experimenting with new types of paper. However, after spending hours doing cost comparisons of different types of paper, working with tons of vendors to find packaging and struggling to find rollers and other parts to our ancient machine, it is very exciting to finally see what all the background work led up to.  🙂

Our gift box for personal stationery.

Our gift box and the first cards we pressed.

A shot of how the cards are packaged inside the gift box.

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