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Letterpress Personal Stationery for a Business Based in London

Personal stationery for “Your Trusted Resource.”

Recently, we also letterpressed personal stationery for Your Trusted Resource, a business based in London, which focuses on bookkeeping, financial services and project management. We loved how the design turned out, very simple and classic, you can’t go wrong with that. We were also excited to send our first prints abroad! So, we thought we would post a couple photos.

– Caroline & Stephanie, www.pressedinbrooklyn.com

A detail of the stationery.



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Custom Letterpress Stationery – our Japanese inspired Okayama design

This weekend we pressed a custom job using our Okayama design.

Here are a few photos of one of our latest jobs. We letterpressed this custom stationery on 118lb, Savoy, natural white paper. We think the final result is lovely. The design is our Japanese inspired, Okayama pattern. It is based on antique Japanese textile designs. It really has quite an elegant look and we also love the combination of the blue/grey ink with the slightly off-white paper.


– Caroline & Stephanie, www.pressedinbrooklyn.com

A detail of the names.

A detail of the abstract floral pattern.

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Japanese inspired stationery design

A close up of our Nagoya design.

Another view of our Nagoya letterpress card. This pattern can be customized and used for wedding invitations and personal stationery.

We recently went back to the Arm in Williamsburg and used a Vandercook letterpress printer to print our Nagoya cards. The design on these cards is based on 19th century Japanese textile designs that were used to adorn silk kimonos. We get a great deal of inspiration from our travels. We still have a number of plates that we need to press, we hope to have those up for display soon!

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Casino Cards

Here is another project that we recently completed. These invitations were done for a casino themed party. For the design we used a detail from the Chrysler Building, here in New York. The Chrysler Building is one of our very favorite buildings and the art deco design that can be found throughout this building is absolutely stunning. We felt the art deco theme went very well with the casino theme, harking back to the days of glamor, jazz and speakeasies.

We decided to flat print these invitations since we still do not have our rollers 😦

Our casino/art deco themed party invitation.

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Did we inspire Paloma Picasso?

So, it seems that we’re even more ahead of the curve than we originally thought 🙂 Take a look at the letterpress card we designed that is featured on our home page.

Our letterpress hearts card

Now take a look at the gorgeous necklace Paloma Picasso just designed for Tiffany’s.

Paloma's Crown of Hearts medallion

Could it be that our girl Paloma saw our site and loved our pressed heart card?! Okay, probably not but we can dream…

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