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Custom Letterpress Stationery – our Japanese inspired Okayama design

This weekend we pressed a custom job using our Okayama design.

Here are a few photos of one of our latest jobs. We letterpressed this custom stationery on 118lb, Savoy, natural white paper. We think the final result is lovely. The design is our Japanese inspired, Okayama pattern. It is based on antique Japanese textile designs. It really has quite an elegant look and we also love the combination of the blue/grey ink with the slightly off-white paper.


– Caroline & Stephanie, www.pressedinbrooklyn.com

A detail of the names.

A detail of the abstract floral pattern.


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Beautiful Japanese Design – the Futagami Trivet

Futagami sun trivet.

I just wanted to take a minute to share this beautiful sun trivet by Japanese designer Futagami. It may be apparent now that here at Pressed in Brooklyn, we have quite an appreciation for Japanese design.

The photo above is from Rakuten. You can certainly purchase the trivet there. However, I was having a little bit of difficulty with that and ended up purchasing the trivet from Magpie and Rye, an amazing store located in San Francisco…and they also carry all of the other Futagami trivet designs, as well.

– Stephanie, pressedinbrooklyn.com

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Our Japanese inspired letterpress wedding invite, with Swarovski crystals…and our wedding invitation give away!

Our Hyogo letterpress card. This cherry blossom pattern is based on antique kimono patterns.

After a bit of a break for the holidays, we are back! Just before we went on vacation, we printed these lovely invites. The bride-to-be picked deep red, black and sliver for her colors. To amp it up a little, we also added Swarovski crystals. We were very happy with the end result!

Also, we are having another LETTERPRESS WEDDING INVITATION GIVE AWAY!! We will be giving away 20 letterpress wedding invitations and RSVP cards. They will be letterpressed on our lush 118lb Savoy paper. All you have to do to enter the giveaway is email and enter your name to Caroline, her email can be found here. The deadline to enter is February 25th and we will announce the winner, here on our blog, on February 28th. So check back to see if it is you! The design we will be giving away is our Avignon design. You can see photos of it at the bottom of the page. It is based on an antique, French pharmacy tin from the early 1900s. We are in the process of letterpressing and photographing all of our designs for our website, so the winner will need to be ok with us photographing their invitation. Of course, additional invites can be ordered if needed.

A detail of the cherry blossom design, with Swarovski crystals.

The matching RSVP card.

A detail from the RSVP card.

So, here it is, our Avignon card. These are flat print versions of it. It is pretty versatile and can be made rustic with the addition of twine, craft paper envelopes and dried flowers or it can be made more modern with the addition of silver envelopes.

– Caroline & Stephanie, pressedinbrooklyn.com

Our Avignon invitation. Made rustic with twine, a craft paper envelope and dried rosemary.

Made modern with a silver envelope.

The matching RSVP card.


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Gold Letterpress Monogram Coasters

Our gold custom monogram letterpress coasters. We used our Toyokoro pattern, which is based on 19th century Japanese textile design.

Last night we went to press an order for our gold, custom monogram, letterpress coasters. We are absolutely thrilled with the result. It was our first time using gold ink. It is a little thinner than the standard colors we use, but after a little playing around, we got the hang of it and we think the results are stunning. We want to do everything in gold now! We can print this coaster plain, without a monogram or we can add a custom monogram to it. We plan to list this item (both blank and  custom) in our Etsy store this weekend. Although this design is based on antique Japanese textile design, we feel it has a very art deco vibe to it, a perfect addition to any cocktail party! We printed these on our extra heavy weight, natural white Savoy paper and the impression is crisp and amazing. When you see and hold these coasters in person, you can really feel it.


Another view of our coasters.

A close up.

Our blank gold coasters.

Following are a few photos of the letterpress print process and our first time using our new gold ink!


Inked in gold and ready to go.

Pattern plate is inked. We have a second plate with the monogram. Each color requires its own plate and its own run through the press.

The final result, before it is cut down.

A close up. You can see the nice and deep impression of the monogram in letterpress.

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Our Okayama Wedding Invitation and Stationery – Japanese art as inspiration

Our Okayama letterpress design for wedding invitations and stationery.

We recently letterpressed our Okayama design. It seems pretty popular and we have already had a couple requests to use it as personal stationery. We will be printing the client’s name at the top of the card and putting the pattern at the bottom…although that could just as easily be reversed. We can’t wait to press this pattern on a wedding invitation! If you are interested in purchasing this card, you can check out our Etsy Shop.

Since we are posting this design, we thought it might be a good opportunity to talk a little about the inspiration behind it. We named the card Okayama, after a city in Japan. Most of our cards are named for the geographical regions that inspired their design. For this pattern, we really focused on antique Japanese art, patterns and illustration. The floral patterns, the clean and simple design, it is all a wonderful source for ideas.

Below are a few pieces that we really love. All can be found in the online exhibit of Japanese Art at the Metropolitan Museum of Art, here in New York. Also, starting in November, they have an exhibit “Storytelling in Japanese Art,” which we are looking forward to.


A detail from our Okayama letterpress card.

Two Ladies; One is Playing the Biwa and the Other, the Koto - Kubo Shunman (Japanese, 1757–1820)

Seaweed Food and Kitchen Utensils - Kubo Shunman (Japanese, 1757–1820). We love the colors in this piece.

Seven Gods of Good Fortune and Chinese Children - Kano Chikanobu (Japanese, 1660–1728)

Two Japanese Women Posing with Fans - Shinichi Suzuki (Japanese, 1835–1919)

Performer in Bugaku-style Costume - Unknown Artist, Japanese

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