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The Neutra Residence in Los Angeles – a modern glass house built in 1933

The front of the Neutra house. You can see the address, the font is distinct to many of his buildings.

Last weekend it was beautiful out, so we decided to stop by the Neutra VDL Studio & Residence located in Silver Lake, Los Angeles. Built in the 1930s by Richard Neutra, it was considered radical for its time. He lived here with his family and also worked here as well.

I think the description on the web site explains the architecture well: “a “modern” two-story house: a markedly horizontal composition with a repetition of identical casement windows running from edge to edge of its box-like form; a simple volume defined by a skin like enclosure and capped by a thin flat roof plane; a façade without the distractions of color or ornament. This house was the embodiment of then current European avant-garde design scarcely known to the people of Los Angeles. Its architect was equally unknown. Yet in years hence his name became famous and his works associated with modern architecture in California. This house was Richard Neutra’s own, his third building in America and the house in which he was to live and work for nearly three decades.”

Following are a few photos from our trip there. It really is an amazing house and certainly worth visiting. For $10 you can get a tour of the house and are then free to wander around and take photos after.


– Stephanie, www.pressedinbrooklyn.com

The rooftop. In the background notice the gravel on the ground. This area was originally filled with a shallow layer of water, creating a moat like feature around the glass room.

Mirrors were used on a number of walls throughout the house. Here, you can see the moat filled with gravel. It wraps around the entire room. There are plans to renovate this feature and fill it with water again.

A low seating area.

The "modern" kitchen. It even has a dishwasher! It is interesting to note how much smaller the spaces in this house are compared to many of the houses today.

A detail from the kitchen.

The hallway leading to the bedrooms. Neutra and his wife each had a separate room. I really like the long horizontal lines in this space.

The open stairs to the roof top.

The back courtyard.

While we were there, actors were practicing a scene for a film that was set to be shot in the house. It was kind of strange, wandering around while this drama was going on!

They must have done this scene four or five times. The first time the actress threw herself to the floor, the actor was concerned and asked, "Are you ok?! Are you hurt?" Her reply..."Oh, its nothing, I used to do roller derby."



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The stunning architecture of Les Cols – a bed & breakfast in Olot, Spain

Our room at Les Cols. Made out of glass and suspended above the ground, which is actually a lava bed.

So, I have been meaning to post photos of Les Cols for quite some time now. My husband and I went to Spain on our honeymoon and it was amazing. Part of being married to an architect is he seems to know the most beautiful places to go, and our time at Les Cols in Olot certainly exceeded expectations. I feel a wordy explanation of how amazing this place is really does it no justice. Essentially, Les Cols is composed of a 13th century farmhouse, which contains the resaurant, with an ultra-modern glass addition, which is where the guest rooms can be found.

We arrived at night, when it was already completely dark. We were welcomed in an old building, without electricity, lit by just candles. We were then taken to our room, down an open-air glass hall. When we arrived at our room, we found it only contained a bed. The roof was open to the sky, the walls were a semi-transparent glass and the floor, elevated off the ground, which is actually a lava bed, was made of glass as well. The bathroom…well I will let the photos speak for themselves. While everything was simply stunning at night time, to wake up and be surrounded by this environment was even better. If you ever find yourself in Barcelona, the 1.5 hour drive to Olot is certainly worth it! Check out the review on the NY Times, which also contains the contact information for Les Cols. Tomorrow, part 2 of this post, the amazing restaurant we went to here…

– Stephanie

The rain shower. The floor of the shower had shallow water over a bed of smooth stones. It led right to a pool, which you can see in the foreground.

Breakfast in bed consisted of local breads and cheese.

The open air hall. The doors in this hall lead to the private guest rooms.

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