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Letterpress Personal Stationery for a Business Based in London

Personal stationery for “Your Trusted Resource.”

Recently, we also letterpressed personal stationery for Your Trusted Resource, a business based in London, which focuses on bookkeeping, financial services and project management. We loved how the design turned out, very simple and classic, you can’t go wrong with that. We were also excited to send our first prints abroad! So, we thought we would post a couple photos.

– Caroline & Stephanie, www.pressedinbrooklyn.com

A detail of the stationery.



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Custom Letterpress Stationery – our Japanese inspired Okayama design

This weekend we pressed a custom job using our Okayama design.

Here are a few photos of one of our latest jobs. We letterpressed this custom stationery on 118lb, Savoy, natural white paper. We think the final result is lovely. The design is our Japanese inspired, Okayama pattern. It is based on antique Japanese textile designs. It really has quite an elegant look and we also love the combination of the blue/grey ink with the slightly off-white paper.


– Caroline & Stephanie, www.pressedinbrooklyn.com

A detail of the names.

A detail of the abstract floral pattern.

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Letterpress Business Stationery with Swarovski Crystal

Our two-color letterpress stationery with a Swarovski crystal detail.

We recently completed a job for a new business, Red Soles Reborn. Crystal, the owner of Red Soles Reborn, takes shoes and gives them a completely new look with the use of different size and color Swarovski crystals. Like the Swarovski crystals we use on our stationery, she applies every single one by hand, one at a time. While her specialty is Christian Louboutin shoes, she can transform any shoes from ordinary to extraordinary. Our favorite part? While Crystal can re-create an existing shoe, the real fun is commissioning her to make something completely original!

Since Red Soles Reborn is a luxury service, Crystal was looking for stationery for her business that reflected her high end product. She came to us at Pressed to create something special. Working with her website designer, a logo was created and from there we designed her suite. Crystal ordered both flat printed and letterpress pieces. To enclose with each order, beautiful flat printed “Thank You” cards in a Pantone color to match the famous red soles, with plenty of room for Crystal to write to her client. And for follow-up notes, promotions and reminders for her past clients, luxe, folded, 2 color letterpress cards printed on our 100% cotton 118 lb paper, finished with what else but a tiny Swarovski crystal. You can check out more of our letterpress stationery and wedding invites at pressedinbrooklyn.com.

A detail of the stationery with crystal.

Letterpress stationery with our flat printed card.

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Our Okayama Wedding Invitation and Stationery – Japanese art as inspiration

Our Okayama letterpress design for wedding invitations and stationery.

We recently letterpressed our Okayama design. It seems pretty popular and we have already had a couple requests to use it as personal stationery. We will be printing the client’s name at the top of the card and putting the pattern at the bottom…although that could just as easily be reversed. We can’t wait to press this pattern on a wedding invitation! If you are interested in purchasing this card, you can check out our Etsy Shop.

Since we are posting this design, we thought it might be a good opportunity to talk a little about the inspiration behind it. We named the card Okayama, after a city in Japan. Most of our cards are named for the geographical regions that inspired their design. For this pattern, we really focused on antique Japanese art, patterns and illustration. The floral patterns, the clean and simple design, it is all a wonderful source for ideas.

Below are a few pieces that we really love. All can be found in the online exhibit of Japanese Art at the Metropolitan Museum of Art, here in New York. Also, starting in November, they have an exhibit “Storytelling in Japanese Art,” which we are looking forward to.


A detail from our Okayama letterpress card.

Two Ladies; One is Playing the Biwa and the Other, the Koto - Kubo Shunman (Japanese, 1757–1820)

Seaweed Food and Kitchen Utensils - Kubo Shunman (Japanese, 1757–1820). We love the colors in this piece.

Seven Gods of Good Fortune and Chinese Children - Kano Chikanobu (Japanese, 1660–1728)

Two Japanese Women Posing with Fans - Shinichi Suzuki (Japanese, 1835–1919)

Performer in Bugaku-style Costume - Unknown Artist, Japanese

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Our Rome Inspired Letterpress Wedding Invitation/Card – finding inspiration in the architecture around us

Our Rome Design

We recently letterpressed our Rome design. We were thrilled with the way it turned out. This design is very detailed and we were concerned that it would not translate well to the plate and paper, that the lines would be too thin and would not show up. We were pleasantly surprised with the outcome!

So, we thought we would take the time to talk about our inspirations a little bit. Sometimes, we find, when we are a little bit stuck for ideas, we should just look up! Living in New York city, we are very fortunate to be surrounded by stunning architecture…from art deco sky scrapers to ornate brownstones. Sometimes, believe it or not, it is even possible to get inspiration from a store like Home Depot, just look up at the exposed ceiling beams and the patterns that can be found! Art and beauty are all around us, we just need to be open to the possibilities of seeing it, even in the most unlikely of places.

Fair enough, this design is based on the ceiling of the Pantheon in Rome, not the tile pattern on the floor of a Wal-Mart. How could you not look up and admire the beauty of the intricate carvings and the impressiveness of this ancient dome?  While in Italy on vacation, Caroline took this stunning photo of the ceiling.

Our photo of the Pantheon in Rome.

She suggested we use it as design inspiration. One look at it and I agreed! Instead of using the more recognizable square pattern, we focused on the tiny pattern around the opening. See the detailed shot below and a detail of our card pattern. It took a long time for us to redraw, straighten and adapt the pattern to paper, but we think the effort was worth it.


A detail of the Pantheon.

A detail of our card design.

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Our Orleans Design – for Wedding Invitations & Personal Stationery

Our floral Orleans pattern in pink. Based on a piece of 18th century French furniture from the Gulbenkian Museum. This is a letterpress card, pressed by us on a Vandercook.

I spent much of this weekend photographing our work. I can’t say I have ever been much of a photographer, but with practice I certainly hope to improve. This is our Orleans design. It can be used for both wedding invitations and personal stationery.  It is based on a piece of 18th century French furniture, with the most amazing wood inlay work, that I saw while on my honeymoon in Portugal. While in Lisbon, we spent an afternoon at the Caoluste Gulbenkian Museum. Their collection of furniture and art is impressive. I found many items here that inspired me.

– Stephanie

A close up of or Orleans Design.

A slightly different view.

A beautiful piece of art nouveau jewelry at the Gulbenkian.

A lovely piece of French furniture at the Gulbenkian. A similar piece served as the inspiration for our Orleans design.

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Japanese inspired stationery design

A close up of our Nagoya design.

Another view of our Nagoya letterpress card. This pattern can be customized and used for wedding invitations and personal stationery.

We recently went back to the Arm in Williamsburg and used a Vandercook letterpress printer to print our Nagoya cards. The design on these cards is based on 19th century Japanese textile designs that were used to adorn silk kimonos. We get a great deal of inspiration from our travels. We still have a number of plates that we need to press, we hope to have those up for display soon!

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