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Our Antique French Letterpress Wedding Invitations

Our Avignon design in letterpress

This Saturday we letterpressed the invitations for our first contest winner! We are so excited with the way these invitations turned out. The design is classic and simple, so very French. The design is, in fact, inspired by an antique French pharmacy tin. We believe there are sources of beautiful design inspiration all around us…we just have to keep our eyes open!

Our neighbors have beautiful lavender flowers growing all through their back yard, of which they were happy to let us cut some!

This invitation measures 6.25×6.25 inches. Here we printed it on our ultra-lush, 236lb, brilliant white, Savoy paper. This stuff is amazing! We can’t wait to print our next round of invitations!


– Caroline & Stephanie, www.pressedinbrooklyn.com

This design can also be made more rustic with the addition of twine and a kraft paper envelope.

The RSVP card. This paper is so thick, it makes for an amazing, super crisp and deep impression.

A detail of the super-crisp text.

One more shot of the RSVP card, paired with metallic silver envelopes.


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New Letterpress Wedding Invite Giveway & Winner Announcement From Our Last Wedding Giveaway!

Our Mayfair invitation. The next design we will be giving away to one lucky winner! Pictured here is a flat print version of the design.

First off, a big thank you to everyone who entered our competition! We continue to be thankful for all the support we have gotten as we start out and grow our letterpress business.

Second, to everyone else who entered our contest, don’t despair, WE ARE HAVING ANOTHER GIVEAWAY!!! So, please re-enter. To enter the giveaway please email your name to caroline@pressedinbrooklyn. In fact, we will be having quite a few giveaways as we need to letterpress all of our designs for samples.

Third, we have a winner. Congratulations, VERONICA M. We look forward to creating beautiful invitations for your special day!

This time round, we are offering our Mayfair design. Classic and clean, it is named for and inspired by an upscale neighborhood in London. Same as last time, we will be giving away 20 free letterpress invitations and 20 free letterpress RSVP cards. Envelopes will not be included. However, we will provide you with the dimensions and a link to where you can purchase matching envelopes. We plan to letterpress this invitation on bright white, 118lb Savoy paper, with black ink. The name of the couple and RSVP will be in the ornate script as shown in all the photos. However, we have yet to decide if we will print the small text in the ornate font as shown or in the more modern, sans-serif  AnoHalf font, which can be seen as font Sans 1 in our Wedding Invitation Catalogue for reference. Also, same as before, the invites and RSVP cards are totally FREE, the only cost will be shipping. The only catch? You need to be ok with us photographing the invitations for use on our site. Of course, if you require more than 20 of each item, you can certainly purchase more. Also, we have been experimenting with the use of Swarovski crystals on this design. This giveaway does NOT include the crystals, but if you would like to upgrade and purchase the crystal option, you will certainly have that option.

The deadline for entering this giveaway is March 20th and we will announce a winner on March 23rd. We will go to press at the beginning of April, so the winner will receive their invites by mid-April.

– Caroline & Stephanie, www.pressedinbrooklyn.com

The names on the invitation.

The Rsvp card.

Our Mayfair invitation with hand-applied Swarovski Crystals. The winner will have the option to upgrade and purchase this option, if desired.


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Our Japanese inspired letterpress wedding invite, with Swarovski crystals…and our wedding invitation give away!

Our Hyogo letterpress card. This cherry blossom pattern is based on antique kimono patterns.

After a bit of a break for the holidays, we are back! Just before we went on vacation, we printed these lovely invites. The bride-to-be picked deep red, black and sliver for her colors. To amp it up a little, we also added Swarovski crystals. We were very happy with the end result!

Also, we are having another LETTERPRESS WEDDING INVITATION GIVE AWAY!! We will be giving away 20 letterpress wedding invitations and RSVP cards. They will be letterpressed on our lush 118lb Savoy paper. All you have to do to enter the giveaway is email and enter your name to Caroline, her email can be found here. The deadline to enter is February 25th and we will announce the winner, here on our blog, on February 28th. So check back to see if it is you! The design we will be giving away is our Avignon design. You can see photos of it at the bottom of the page. It is based on an antique, French pharmacy tin from the early 1900s. We are in the process of letterpressing and photographing all of our designs for our website, so the winner will need to be ok with us photographing their invitation. Of course, additional invites can be ordered if needed.

A detail of the cherry blossom design, with Swarovski crystals.

The matching RSVP card.

A detail from the RSVP card.

So, here it is, our Avignon card. These are flat print versions of it. It is pretty versatile and can be made rustic with the addition of twine, craft paper envelopes and dried flowers or it can be made more modern with the addition of silver envelopes.

– Caroline & Stephanie, pressedinbrooklyn.com

Our Avignon invitation. Made rustic with twine, a craft paper envelope and dried rosemary.

Made modern with a silver envelope.

The matching RSVP card.


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Inexpensive, DIY Wedding Invitations for the Cost Conscious Couple

Our Multi-color Chevron Wedding Suite. We can customize the text and colors. You can print it yourself or we can print it for you.

The economy, what can we say, it isn’t all that great right now. However, good news! I just read that the recession is officially over…the only bad part, incomes keep falling.

With that sad bit of information in mind, we decided to create a line of wedding invitations for the cost conscious couple. Just because someone is on a tight budget, doesn’t mean they can’t have a beautiful wedding.

Our DIY line, available in our Etsy store, comes in two options. We can customize the text and colors and email the client PDF files so that they can print and cut the invites at home or a local print/copy shop. Certainly a very cost conscious option. Or, if the client prefers, we can flat print the designs for them on our 92lb, Savoy, 100% cotton paper. The result can be seen in these photos.

While we love letterpress, the process is certainly more costly and not everyone has that option. We also love that we can fit lots of color into these designs and use patterns that we typically would not be able to do with letterpress. We plan to do a number of designs for this line and will post them as we complete them.

As we try new ideas, we certainly welcome any feedback!


Our bold chevron pattern.

Our crazy candy cane chevron. Colors can be customized to any that you pick.



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Our Rome Inspired Letterpress Wedding Invitation/Card – finding inspiration in the architecture around us

Our Rome Design

We recently letterpressed our Rome design. We were thrilled with the way it turned out. This design is very detailed and we were concerned that it would not translate well to the plate and paper, that the lines would be too thin and would not show up. We were pleasantly surprised with the outcome!

So, we thought we would take the time to talk about our inspirations a little bit. Sometimes, we find, when we are a little bit stuck for ideas, we should just look up! Living in New York city, we are very fortunate to be surrounded by stunning architecture…from art deco sky scrapers to ornate brownstones. Sometimes, believe it or not, it is even possible to get inspiration from a store like Home Depot, just look up at the exposed ceiling beams and the patterns that can be found! Art and beauty are all around us, we just need to be open to the possibilities of seeing it, even in the most unlikely of places.

Fair enough, this design is based on the ceiling of the Pantheon in Rome, not the tile pattern on the floor of a Wal-Mart. How could you not look up and admire the beauty of the intricate carvings and the impressiveness of this ancient dome?  While in Italy on vacation, Caroline took this stunning photo of the ceiling.

Our photo of the Pantheon in Rome.

She suggested we use it as design inspiration. One look at it and I agreed! Instead of using the more recognizable square pattern, we focused on the tiny pattern around the opening. See the detailed shot below and a detail of our card pattern. It took a long time for us to redraw, straighten and adapt the pattern to paper, but we think the effort was worth it.


A detail of the Pantheon.

A detail of our card design.

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Free Letterpress Wedding Invitation Give Away!

Our Lyndhurst design on a Valentine card.

Pressed is having a contest for the best “how we met” story. The winner will receive 20 letterpress wedding invitations, including RSVP cards, printed on 118lb tree-free paper. To enter please send us a short description of how you met and fell in love.

The suite we are currently giving away is our Lyndhurst suite, which can be made with any of the cameo designs shown on this page. You can see this design used in a wedding suite, here. If you need more than 20 invitations, additional invites can be purchased.

The contest ends on September 19th so please be sure to have all entries emailed to Caroline by the 19th. You can find her email here. We will post the winning story on our blog on September 23rd. Also, anyone who enters will receive 5% off of any wedding suite they order from us. You can see our full list of our wedding designs here.

We are in the process of printing all of our new wedding suites and photographing them for our website, so the winner should be ok with their printed invitation being displayed on our site. Stay tuned, as we get ready to print each of our wedding suites, we will be having more give aways!


Another version of our Lyndhurst design.

One more version.


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Experimenting with Swarovski crystals on our wedding invitations

Experimenting with crystals on our Lyndhurst wedding invitation design.

We’ve been working with Swarovski crystals on our wedding invitations to add a little extra sparkle! Obviously, crystals and shiny stuff are the first things you think of when you hear the word “wedding.” After love and commitment, of course. Take a look at some of the photos below  – we’ll be posting more photos as we order and experiment with different colors and sizes.


A close up of our Lyndhust design. We are experimenting on flat printed cards. Once we have our crystal patterns set, we look forward to seeing them come to life on our letterpress versions of these wedding invitations.

A close up of our Mayfair invitation.

A close up of our Venice wedding invitation.


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