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Melissa Shoes

I love my Melissa shoes! I have been looking at these two styles for quite sometime now…

The Melissa Patchuli shoe.

Melissa + Jean Paul Gaultier

However, I now spend my days working from home. My typical outfit consists of yoga pants, old t-shirts and slippers and I rarely make it farther than the gym or grocery store. Back in my previous life, when I worked in an office, commuted to the city and actually found myself having human interaction on a frequent basis, I would have bought these shoes in a second!

– Stephanie


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Low resolution…and it looks good!

I love these shoes! They are called Low Res, by United Nude. This shoe was was created by digitally scanning an object into a 3D computer model and regenerating it into various resolutions. Architect, Rem Koolhaas, is the creative director and it shows, as the shoes certainly do have an architectural and sculptural feel to them.

– Stephanie

The Low Res shoe.

The Frame Lo shoe.

The Haiku shoe, a sort of modern interpretation of a traditional Japanese wood sandal.

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