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Nautical Themed Baby Shower Invitations

Our most recent job was invitations for a nautical themed baby shower for a member of the US Coast Guard. It was such a fun invite to design and letterpress. To make it a little extra special we used metallic gold paper anchors that we affixed to the invite to introduce another layer of texture. Thanks Vania for the opportunity to create such a fun shower invitation.

Our nautical themed invitations.

A close up of the invitation.

Another view.

Today I was lucky enough to get a little tour of the Coast Guard base on Staten Island. It is amazing what they do each day to protect our waterways. Their port is the third busiest in the country and there are a lot of people hard at work to make sure everything runs smoothly. Similar to what you’d expect to see in a movie, there are codes and ID passes to enter, televisions showing footage from cameras monitoring the water, giant maps, and continuous weather updates so they can track storms. Whether they are assisting weekend boaters in distress or monitoring giant cargo ships – the men and women of the Coast Guard are working hard to keep us safe. So, keeping on the nautical theme, we made a few more anchor themed note cards.

– Caroline

Our anchor themed stationery.

A close up.

The United States Coast Guard

Coast Guard’s motto is Semper Paratus, meaning “Always Ready.”

“For over two centuries the U.S. Coast Guard has safeguarded our Nation’s maritime interests in the heartland, in the ports, at sea, and around the globe. We protect the maritime economy and the environment, we defend our maritime borders, and we save those in peril. This history has forged our character and purpose as America’s Maritime Guardian — Always Ready for all hazards and all threats.

Today’s U.S. Coast Guard, with nearly 42,000 men and women on active duty, is a unique force that carries out an array of civil and military responsibilities touching almost every facet of the U.S. maritime environment.”


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