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Could this be the most beautiful trash your dress photo ever? The film, Melancholia, by Lars von Trier

Amazing trash your dress photo? Stunning stills from the film Melancholia.

I recently saw the film, Melancholia, by Lars von Trier. It is currently showing at the New York Film Festival and you can read a synopsis and get tickets here.  It will be widely released in the United States on November 11.

I really can’t say enough about this film. It might have just featured the most beautiful opening I have ever seen. The colors, the lighting, the shadow, the wedding. It had an otherworldly sadness and beauty to it all, which, I believe, is exactly what the director was trying to capture. I am still thinking about the movie, but must warn you, if you are looking for something uplifting and fun, this is probably not the film for you.

All of these photos and more information can be found on the Melancholia website.

– Stephanie,

The planet, Melancholia, and the moon.

A scene from the opening of the film.

A scene from the wedding.

The night sky and otherworldly light from the planet, Melancholia.


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Thunder Soul – you must see this film!

The movie poster.

This past week, I went to a screening of a documentary on the Upper West Side with my mom. To be honest, I had no idea what I was going to see but she had some free tickets and I like spending time with her. I thought she might have said something about a “math teacher.” So we met outside the theater, got some snacks and a couple of enormous “medium” sodas and sat down…Turns out the movie was not about a “math teacher” but a music teacher. And not just any music teacher as we found out over the next hour and a half. The movie Thunder Soul was so fantastic, everyone in the theater was laughing out loud, crying and clapping. It’s a documentary on the Kashmere High School stage band in the 1970s and their band leader “Prof.” Conrad O. Johnson. You must see this film. I don’t want to give too much away but basically it tells the story of this amazing educator, a group of very talented students, and their success as a high school band. Kashmere High School is in Houston Texas and this was an all black stage band in the early-mid seventies. Think about the timing of the Civil Rights movement in this country and how these students were just getting opportunities their own parents never had. It is an amazing story – do not miss the opportunity to see Thunder Soul! Jamie Foxx is the executive producer.
– Caroline

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